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BigFoot Visits the Big Cities of the World - Another BigFoot Sighting

Lancaster, PA — Research on dinosaurs is constantly evolving; in fact, three-quarters of all known dinosaur species have been found only since the 1990s and a new species is discovered almost every week. With new discoveries happening all the time, our understanding of how dinosaurs looked and how they lived is currently being challenged and updated. 

BBC Focus Magazine, a British monthly magazine about science and technology, provides the latest dinosaur discoveries in a new book called Dinosaurs: The Myth-Busting Guide to Prehistoric Beasts. 

“Today we take the appearance of dinosaurs for granted,” says science journalist John Pickrell. “It’s taken centuries of careful study to learn how to accurately read the clues in the fossil records.” ~ John Pickrell, science journalist, featured in Dinosaurs: The Myth-Busting Guide to Prehistoric Beasts

Providing the most recent scientific research compiled by the world’s leading scientists and paleontologists, Dinosaurs is the book that puts an end to certain long-held myths. For example, the Hollywood portrayal of slow, lumbering, and dense creatures is now outdated. The paleontologists and science writers featured in this book paint a different picture with research to back it up. The results are in—these magnificent creatures were highly-intelligent, brightly-colored, nimble-brained, and many adorned feathers. 

“The wealth of new specimens is keeping paleontologists busy—plenty of fodder for all sorts of new theories about what dinosaurs looked like and how they lived,” says the book’s editor Daniel Bennett.

In addition to what dinosaurs looked like and how they behaved, the book also dives deep into how dinosaurs conquered the earth (it’s more complex than you think), what the world would be like if dinosaurs still existed today, and how we might build our own “Jurassic World” using the latest science. “Prepare to be amazed by the secret lives of these incredible beasts,” Bennett says.

“Packed with facts and illustrations on the latest finds and theories for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages.” ~ Preshistoric Times Magazine

BigFoot Visits the Big Cities of the World - Another BigFoot Sighting

Dinosaurs: The Myth-Busting Guide to Prehistoric Beasts launches August 2019.

Educational, beautifully-illustrated, and packed with the latest research, Dinosaurs includes: 

  • In-depth articles and stunning color illustrations
  • How dinosaurs really lived, what they looked like, and how they sounded
  • Go beyond the Hollywood myths for a dramatically different perspective based on the latest scientific research
  • Expert paleontologists provide insight on your favorite dinos and how we learn about them from the fossils they left behind

About BBC Science Focus 

BBC Science Focus is a British monthly magazine about science and technology published in Bristol, UK by Immediate Media Company. Edited by Daniel Bennett, it covers all aspects of science and technology and is written for general readers as well as people with a knowledge of science.

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Dinosaurs: The Myth-Busting Guide to Prehistoric Beasts

BBC Focus

Publisher: Happy Fox Books

Pages: 96

Form: Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1641240451

Age Range: 11 – 14 years

Grade Level: 4 – 6

SRP: $14.99