Hello Angel’s Top 4 Coloring Supplies

Coloring Supplies Tips from Hello Angel

By Angela Van Dam in the Hello Angel Coloring Books

Working from her studio in New Zealand, Angelea Van Dam (or Angel) inspires adult coloring enthusiasts around the globe with her bright colors, intricate patterns, and amazing designs. Her goal is to use as many colors as possible in each piece that

she creates. Angelea gives us an inside look at her favorite coloring supplies that she uses on a daily basis. BONUS: Click here for a free coloring page from Hello Angel’s Irresistible Animals Coloring Book.

I’m always asked about the mediums I use to color my illustrations. The answer would be really long if I listed every single thing, so here are a few of my favorites. Keep in mind that these are my favorites. When you color, you should use YOUR favorites!

Alcohol-Based Markers:

I have many and a variety of brands. My favorites have a brush nib—it’s so versatile. A brush nib is perfect for tiny, tight corners, but is also able to cover a large, open space easily. If you like working with alcohol-based markers, a refillable bottle of blending fluid or a blending pen is a great investment.

Fox suggests the Copic Classic Marker Brand. This marker is the most customizable with the option of 9 different nibs. The classic also allows you to mix the colors with various ink to expand your color collection.

Fine-Tip Pens:  

Just like with markers, I have lots of different pens. I use them for my layers of detail work and for the itsy bitsy spots my markers can’t get into.

Fox suggests the Staedtler Plus FineLiner. This pen provides a very fine metal tip without bleeding, spotting, or smearing through the paper.

Paint Pens:

These are wonderful! Because the ink is usually opaque, they stand out really well against a dark base color. I use extra fine point pens for their precision.

Fox suggests Uni-Posca Paint Marker Pen. These pens are quick drying and provide a high-quality paint finish without smudging or bleeding.

Gel Pens:

I have a few, but I usually stick to white and neon colors that will stand out on top of dark base colors or other mediums.

Fox suggests Sakura Gelly Roll Metallic. The Gelly Roll pens will add a reflective shine to your illustrations. Works over top of dark colors for finishing the piece.

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