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History Channel’s “ALONE” Cast Member Writes Knifemaking Book 

July 2019

July 2019



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Knifemaking and blacksmithing have boomed in recent years. The rise in popularity could be due to Forged in Fire, the History channel contest-style series about bladesmithing. It could also be due to the fact that the Internet has made it easy for blacksmiths to connect with one another and also their customers. That’s the case with Bradley Richardson who makes a living selling custom knives online.

An avid outdoorsman and knifemaking instructor, Richardson has been selling custom knives under the name Timberlee Tool & Trade since 2014. He also runs a successful YouTube channel, sharing blacksmithing and knifemaking tips with thousands of subscribers. His gorgeous knives, survival prowessness, and business acumen landed him on the survival show Alone, which airs on the History channel. During his two-season tenure, Richardson spent time in Western Canada and Northern Mongolia relying on his handmande knives to survive.

“Many of those interested in knife making may seem overwhelmed with how much time and effort can go into creating a single knife. I’m here to break things down and simplify the process.” —Bradley Richardson, Author

Now, Richardson is taking all of his knifemaking experience, technical tips, and guidance and presenting it in the new book Making Your Own Bush Knife: A Beginner’s Guide for the Backyard Knifemaker. This book will will teach bladesmiths how to select the steel, forge it, quench it, and grind it into a usable knife. The book makes it easy for beginners to get started; there is no need for expensive equipment or tons of space. With a small propane or coal forge in your backyard and just a few other pieces of equipment, Richardson shows how you can easily enjoy the craft of knifemaking.

Making Your Own Bush Knife: A Beginner’s Guide for the Backyard Knifemaker launches in July 2019 from Fox Chapel Publishing.


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Informative, thorough, and practical, Making Your Own Bush Knife: A Beginner’s Guide for the Backyard Knifemaker includes the following:

  • Everything the beginning knifemaker, metalsmith, or craftsman needs to know to forge a bush knife in his/her own backyard
  • Techniques of forging and stock removal, as well as how to select, quench, and grind steel into a bush knife
  • Helpful information on the types of forges and fuel
  • Expertise from an experienced blacksmith and knifemaker, Bradley Richardson, who you might recognize from the History Channel’s Alone

About Bradley Richardson

An experienced blacksmith and outdoorsman, Bradley Richardson appeared in two seasons of the History Channel’s TV show, Alone where his knifemaking skills proved to be vital. Having a background in furniture making, he acquired simple blacksmithing equipment and learned his way around the anvil to forge his own hardware. Soon, he forged his first knife in his father’s backyard and quickly grew passionate for creating custom knives with a focus on the ancient art of Damascus steel. A member of the American Bladesmith Society with over 19K YouTube subscribers, Richardson is known for his knife making videos and founded Timberlee Tool & Trade where he sells his handcrafted work. He also leads instructional classes and one-on-one workshops in his blacksmith studio where he shares his expertise with aspiring knifemakers and outdoor enthusiasts.

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Making Your Own Bush Knife: A Beginner’s Guide for the Backyard Knifemaker

By Bradley Richardson

Paperback: 160 pages

Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing

Release: November 11, 2019

ISBN-13: 978-1497100121

US SRP: $19.99