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BigFoot Visits the Big Cities of the World - Another BigFoot Sighting

Lancaster, PA — One of the biggest benefits of gardening with native plants is that it’s great for birds and other wildlife. In return, your outdoor space will come alive with beautiful songbirds, colorful butterflies, buzzing bees and other fascinating wildlife for you and your family to enjoy. “Wildlife habitat gardens are an important way each of us can think globally, act locally and reconnect our own piece of the Earth —our yards and gardens—back into the ecosystem,” says naturalist David Mizejewski.

“The most valuable parts of the book are those in which Mizejewski emphasizes the importance of using native plants to maintain the mutual relationships that plants, animals and other living organisms have developed over the millennia and explains how exotic imports can disrupt this balance.” ~ Publishers Weekly

Mizejewski is the author of the expanded second edition of the book Attracting Birds, Butterflies & Other Backyard Wildlife, a practical how-to guide to natural gardening filled with projects, diagrams, plant lists and inspirational full-color photos for experienced gardeners and new enthusiasts alike.

As a television host, media personality and naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation, Mizejewski has spent his career working toward reconnecting people to the natural world and protecting wildlife. He hosted and co-produced the television series Backyard Habitat on Animal Planet, which was based on the first edition of this book, and does dozens of television, radio and public appearances ever year to promote wildlife conservation.

Mizejewski’s book was created in partnership with The National Wildlife Federation, which aims to protect wildlife and ensure it thrives, as part of the organization’s Garden for Wildlife™ movement. In a world where wildlife populations are sharply declining, Mizejewski wants people to know that there are small steps we can each take right at home to help declining species and to keep common species common.

“It’s easy to assume that wildlife only exists out in wilderness areas far from people. But there are many species that can happily coexist alongside humans if we make sure they have habitat within our cities, towns, neighborhoods and even our own yards. It all starts with making sure there is a healthy native plant community, which is the base of the food web for all wildlife—and also of a beautiful natural garden.” ~Author David Mizejewski

BigFoot Visits the Big Cities of the World - Another BigFoot Sighting

Attracting Birds, Butterflies & Other Backyard Wildlife makes creating a natural garden that supports local wildlife easy. It also gives step-by-step instructions on how to have your yard or garden recognized as a “Certified Wildlife Habitat” with the National Wildlife Federation. This user-friendly guide is not only good for the environment but good for the soul as well. It hits shelves April 2019, just in time to celebrate Earth Day by planting a wildlife habitat garden.

About David Mizejewski

David Mizejewski is a naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation. He holds a degree in Human and Natural Ecology from Emory University and has hosted television series on both Animal Planet and NatGeo WILD. He regularly appears on NBC’s Today Show and does dozens of other television and public appearances each year to promote wildlife conservation. He specializes in urban ecology, the role that native plants have on wildlife populations, and helping people restore wildlife habitat in their cities, towns, neighborhoods, backyards, and gardens.

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