Author Spotlight: D. L. Miller – Author, Artist, and Friend of BigFoot

November 1 is one of our favorite days of the year—National Author’s Day! We are so fortunate to work with many talented writers and artists here at Fox Chapel Publishing. Although we wish we could honor all of our many authors, today we are recognizing D.L. Miller, Author of the BigFoot Seek & Find Series.

The Background of D. L. Miller
As with BigFoot, the artist and creator of this series is a bit on the elusive side, but luckily for us, D. L. Miller is also Fox Chapel Publishing’s COO! D. L. Miller has had a long love of nature since his childhood in the Appalachian Mountains of western Maryland with his three brothers. They spent every spare moment they had to explore the mountains right outside their back door. It was also where he discovered, at an early age, his artistic talents and dreamed of one day pursuing this passion. However, life was not easy in this part of the country and the Millers were of modest means, so when not in school, D. L. Miller, along with his three brothers, worked tirelessly tending to the family garden and chickens as well as hunted and fished. These daily tasks were not for sport but to sustain the family, leaving very little time to pursue outside interests or hobbies. However, this didn’t discourage D. L. Miller; in fact, it was the catalyst to propel him to work harder to pursue his dreams.  He was later awarded Frostburg State University’s most prestigious Art Scholarship and became the first in his family to graduate from college, earning a degree in Fine Art with a concentration in Design. D. L. Miller’s career path has led him to become a senior level position with one of today’s leading Gift manufacturers to COO here at Fox Chapel Publishing.


I saw a great opportunity with BigFoot to become a fun “ambassador” for kids to learn at very young age about places and events that may be covered in school but in a less interactive and fun manner. I’m a true believer in understanding that kids simply learn and absorb more when smiling. That’s my goal with these books, bring a smile to their face while they learn!

D. L. Miller

BigFoot Seek & Find Series

A fun and engaging way to explore the world we live in, the BigFoot series will take you through the earth’s landmarks, history, science, and more! Sharpen your search & find skills by locating him on his latest adventure. Your task is not only to find BigFoot and his legendary footprint, but also more than 500 other unusual and sometimes unexpected personalities and objects. Fun facts and pictures accompany each scene to help you learn more about the world’s historic and cultural treasures.

The Beginnings of BigFoot
Coupled with his artistic background (including a previous owner of a woodcarving business) and love of nature, D.L. Miller knew he wanted to create a seek and find book but needed a main character or object. Enter the mysterious BigFoot! After D. L. Miller saw a BigFoot TV show, the idea struck that this well-known creature was the subject he had been waiting for.  Each seek and find page is hand drawn by D.L. Miller then he places each drawing into Microsoft PowerPoint to add layers to his drawings! Inside each BigFoot book, D. L. Miller included educational facts to bring the world closer to children and families that may not have visibility to world outside their local area.


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