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Kid Scoop believes children are born curious. When they unlock the joy of reading, their world widens further. Magic happens. Hours of fun and learning await in Kid Scoop’s books published by Happy Fox Books. See the full offerings below and join our mailing list to download free kid’s printables! 

Kid’s Activity Books

jokes for kids

Super Silly Jokes 

worksheets for kids

Awesome Funny   Fill-Ins 

road trip activities for kids

Super Fun Road Trip Activities 

puzzles for kids

Puzzling for Eagle-Eye Kids

jokes for kids

Super Funny Knock-Knock Jokes & More

kids puzzles

Mind-Boggling Animal Puzzles

how to draw for kids

A Kid’s Guide to Drawing Cartoon Animals

how to draw for kids

More coming soon!

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Over 25 years of experience

Over 25 years of experience in the field has taught us that children learn when they are engaged in the subject.


Educational Puzzles and Activities

We know that our puzzles and activities draw children into the page. This stimulates the child’s interest and they then read the text.


Author Vicki Whiting

Vicki was a third-grade teacher for many years. Now she loves teaching kids through the weekly entertaining and educational Kid Scoop page. People often ask where she gets her ideas for each week’s page. Vicki says, “I listen to the questions kids ask. We answer those questions with every Kid Scoop page!”

Illustrator Jeff Schinkel

Jeff has loved to draw his whole life! As a kid, sometimes he was drawing when he should have been listening to the teacher in class. That’s when he knew he should go to art school, where he would want to hear everything the teachers had to say! Jeff attended the
Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and now he loves teaching kids how to draw!.

“Awesome Funny Fill-Ins for Kids brings laughter to the building blocks of writing – the Parts of Speech. As children construct the sentences themselves, they discover how nouns, verbs, adjectives, and such actually work. A fun first step into grammar knowledge.”

- Ellen Creane

Curriculum Writer for The New York Times Newspaper in Education Program