Art Project For Kids: How to Make Sidewalk Chalk

Art Project For Kids: How to Make Sidewalk Chalk

Art Project for Kids: How to Make Sidewalk Chalk

Excerpt from Crafty Family Ideas by Kristin Gambaccini

People often ask me what my secret is for raising eight children. In all these years, I’ve picked up plenty of tips and tricks to keep the kids occupied, make our home functional and beautiful, and create easy and yummy recipes that are a treat for everyone—all while staying somewhat sane and not spending an arm and a leg.

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

One of our most favorite sunny day activities is to chalk up every square inch of concrete, brick, and patio available outside with doodles, block letters, drawings, and stick figures. Therefore, my family goes through copious amounts of sidewalk chalk. And the only thing better than creating something with colorful sidewalk chalk is creating something with colorful sidewalk chalk that you made yourself! This sidewalk chalk recipe came about in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We had effectively gone through our entire chalk supply. We needed a quick DIY solution for a sidewalk chalk refill. Using our Popsicle molds from the pantry, we made our very own uniquely colored, custom sidewalk Popsicle chalk. Bonus: each chalk-sicle lasted well over a week! Download the full project from my book below!

Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine

Crafty Family Ideas

Projects to Make Things to Bake, and Lots of Homemade(ish) Fun! $16.99

This book is full of fun and inexpensive (or even free) ideas to adorn and enhance your living spaces as a family, activities to keep the kids occupied and creative, and many simple home-style recipes to feed your favorite people. Featuring 55 delicious recipes and playful DIY projects for parents – from a bubblegum machine to homemade bug spray and Christmas cookies – this engaging and entertaining guide is jam-packed with endless fun for every season and every occasion!

More Projects Inside Crafty Family Ideas:

S’more S’more Recipe
Nothing compares to a freshly-melted, made-over-the campfire s’more. The ooey-gooey marshmallow with the melted chocolate and crunchy graham cracker is an infamously messy summertime snack.

Ice Cream Cone Garland
There’s just something about summertime and ice cream that goes hand in hand like PB&J; like mac and cheese. And there’s no better way to
commemorate summer than with an ice cream celebration! This garland brings the party on a string. Plus, you can leave
it up the whole sunny season because it just makes you feel oh-so-cool!

Ice Cream Cone Garland
A simple top can be dressed up with a cute cardigan or worn with a pair of sweats for a lazy Saturday. You can even take those plain shirts to the next level by adding some handmade buttons—just like we did with these candy corn buttons. Can you say Cute. As. A. Button? Plus, you get to play with
clay. And I don’t care how old you are, playing with clay will never not be fun!

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