10 Epic Summer Vacation Books for Kids of All Ages

10 Epic Summer Vacation Books for Kids of All Ages

10 Epic Summer Vacation Books for Kids of All Ages

The school might be out for summer but reading is always in! Whether your child’s summer break is packed full of beach adventures, road trips, or relaxing staycations, there’s plenty of time to occupy their downtime with some stellar stories. We’ve rounded up 10 books that will be sure to entertain while feeding their brains with new skills and sharpen their minds.


Crafty Family Ideas, $16.99

It’s going to be a long day if you hear “I’m bored” at the start of a summer day.  As the mom of eight kids, Author Kristin Gambaccini is no stranger to keeping kids occupied during the summer break. Crafty Family Ideas is great to have at your disposal with 55 seasonal crafts, tasty treats, and creative tips for a busy household. This book is filled with fun and inexpensive (or even free) ideas to adorn and enhance your living spaces as a family, activities to keep the kids engaged and creative, and many simple home-style recipes to feed your favorite people.

2. For the Kids on the Go

Road Trip Activities and Travel Journal for Kids, $7.99

Woohoo! Get ready for an epic adventure! Document the places you go with Road Trip Activities and Travel Journal for Kids!  Road trips aren’t just about driving to go somewhere new or to arrive at your destination quickly;

they’re about the thrill of the open road and the freedom to let your
mind wander so you can fully enjoy the journey. This book will be your companion on your road trip, offering ideas for when you get a little bored, but mostly providing ways for you to make the most out of every minute.

Personalized Notebook Doodles Amazing Me Coloring Book

3. For the Comedian

Super Silly Jokes for Kids, $5.99

This book will bring you laughter to your world. Laughter brings people together. And a joke that makes people laugh, smile, or even groan brings joy to the world. Try the jokes out on our friends, family, and teachers as well. They are for anyone who needs a laugh.

With more than 200 jokes designed to make you, your friends, and family laugh.

4. For A Boredom Buster

The BigFoot Seek & Find Series, Starting at $9.99

Follow BigFoot as he travels the planet in this fun seek-and-find series!
Filled with hidden-object puzzles and educational facts, the BigFoot Seek and Find Books will transport you around the world. Little readers can follow BigFoot’s travels which span a vast array of countries and continents teaching history, human geography, and natural science in a fun and interactive way.

Personalized Notebook Doodles Amazing Me Coloring Book

5. For the Kids who Love Facts

Mind-Boggling Animal Puzzles, $8.99

Puzzle books are perfect for a rainy day or evening downtime. Put down the screen and grab a copy of Mind-Boggling Animal Puzzles! This fun workbook is loaded with STEM-related content about your favorite animals. Did you know octopuses don’t have a backbone? Or that sea otters are one of the few animals that use tools?

With hours of entertainment, inside you will find crazy cool codes, puzzles, word searches, facts, and more!

6. For Kids who love science and nature

Discover the Secret World Series, $9.99

Accompany your summer camping adventure with the Discover the Secret World Series! These fascinating board books take you on a trip through secrets places that exist right on our beautiful planet! Meet charming animals like rabbits, mice, and ants in the underground caverns or learn about the animals you’ll find along the riverbanks. Kids age 2-5 will love learning about the world under their feet with fun facts, interesting captions, and new vocabulary words.

7. For the Arts & Crafts Lover

Making Alphabet Friendship Bracelets and Making Friendship Bracelets with Cute Pictures, $7.99 each

The classic summer camp craft! Whether you loved making them in the 90s or its your first time, these booklets will walk you through everything you need to know making these addicting creations. With embroidery floss and a piece of tape, these crafts are no mess and great for on the go.

8. For The Musicians

Kid’s Guide to Learning the Ukulele, $12.99

No campfire evening is complete without songs! Ukulele is a great first instrument. Strum in the sun with award-winning songwriter and author Emily Arrow! Emily makes learning the ukulele easy with her sticker dot chord system and 24 simple singalong songs. Kids will have a blast developing their musical talents!

9. For The Doodler

A Kid’s Guide to Drawing Cartoon Animals, $8.99

If you need a little quiet time, this educational, fun filled workbook will help with that! Children will unlock their creativity – while drawing their favorite animals. With step-by-step, trace-and-draw instructions and plenty of room for practice, kids will be able to draw all by themselves in no time.

10. For The Kid that Has Everything

 Personalized Notebook Doodles Amazing Me Coloring Book, $9.99

This coloring and activity book is a treat! Surprise your little artist with their name on the cover of their own coloring book. Our best-selling Personalized Notebook Doodles Amazing Me Coloring Book, will not only bring smiles to faces but each page is filled with uplifting positive messages designed to build self-esteem.

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