6 Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Get the best pumpkin on the block with these fall pumpkin art ideas 

Go beyond the traditional pumpkin carving and embellishing with these 10 pumpkin decorating ideas below!  We’ve all carved pumpkins as a kid, or with our own kids. You can create luminary pumpkins and etched pumpkins, combine multiple pumpkins in creative ways, and embellish pumpkins without even touching a knife! Get ready to have the best pumpkins on the block this autumn.


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Easy Pumpkin Carving

In these pages you’ll you find the tips and tricks you need to make pumpkin carving easier, faster, and more effective than the carving you might already know how to do. With tons of useful info about types of pumpkins, carving tools, pattern usage, and more, your next pumpkin will blow your old pumpkins out of the water! This book will teach you several techniques for carving and embellishing pumpkins that go beyond traditional carving.  

6 Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 01

Etched Pumpkin

For a truly artful pumpkin, try etching. With a gorge, linoleum cutter, or power rotary tool, you carve away most of the outer surface of the pumpkin, leaving a thin layer of pumpkin flesh intact. When you put a light inside the pumpkin, it makes the leftover thin layer of flesh glow! Get the how-to in Easy Pumpkin Carving.

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 03

Luminary Pumpkins

You’ve seen them before: luminaries are usually made of punched metal or paper bags and are lined up along sidewalks or driveways. But pumpkins make great luminaries, too! Use a power drill to add holes for light to shine through. Get a step-by-step on how to create these luminaries in Easy Pumpkin Carving.

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 03

Mini Vampire Pumpkin

Take a pair of fake plastic vampire fangs and add them to a mini pumpkin for a creepy effect!

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 04

Flower Pot Pumpkin

Here’s a cool seasonal idea! Use a hollowedout pumpkin as a flowerpot for some fresh flowers.

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 03

Dribble Pumpkin

By dribbling paint or melting crayons on top of a pumpkin, you can make a totally modern and stunning creation.

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 04

Metallic Pumpkins

Metallic and pumpkins totally mix! Cover a pumpkin in metallic paint or polka dots. White  pumpkins make a great base for the metal to really shine.

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