world-renowned artist Salavat Fidai carves incredibly Tiny sculptures using pencil lead

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Lancaster, PA — With an incredible eye for detail and an impeccably steady hand, artist Salavat Fidai makes miniature sculptures using pencil graphite.

Fidai, who hails from Ufa, Russia is also a painter and illustrator and works on larger scale paintings as well. But it was his pencil sculptures that caught the eye of the Woodcarving Illustrated magazine team.

Fidai’s work is currently featured in the summer magazine, which happens to have a “miniature project” theme. You can find the magazine at your local woodworking shop or subscribe online.

Fidai has also caught the eye of TikTok, where twelve million users appreciate his work daily. Whether he’s pencil-sculpting Game of Thrones characters or carving playful emojis on the tips of pencils, Fidai has enraptured people around the globe with his unique skill and his ability to blend together pop culture icons and artistic emblems.   

“I started experimenting with graphite pencils in 2014,” Fidai says. “At first, I was looking for various miniature objects to create miniatures. Then I found a new material—graphite. I have been creating micro-sculptures on the tip of ordinary pencils for seven years.”

For those who are interested in owning an original pencil tip carving, collectors can visit Salavat’s storefront on Etsy for prints and original artworks. To get to know Salavat more, check out his work in Woodcarving Illustrated magazine. 


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