6 Easy Summer Crafts For Kids To Minimize Screen Time

by Jun 4, 2024Arts & Crafts, Children's Books0 comments

Summer break is here and that means the kiddos will be spending more time at home. Fret not, we’ve got 5+ craft and activities to keep them off the screens and entertained all summer long!

Rock Painting

Are you seeking low-prep and inexpensive activities to keep kids entertained this summer? Create one-of-a-kind works of art on ROCKS! Find dozens of tips and techniques for the most rockin’ art on the block with our Rock Art Handbook.

Origami Fun

Introduce kids to the cultural and age-old tradition of ORIGAMI. An activity that enriches their dexterity and emotional confidence development and provides a space for their imagination to run free! Practice your best origami figures with youtube sensations, The Paper Girls Show, and their Origami Craft Book.

Paracord Bracelets

Invite a little piece of camp magic back home and transform boring parachute cords into functional projects with Parachute Cord Craft.

Soap Carving

You don’t have to be a scout to earn your whittling badge! Have your older kiddos practice handling a knife with these fun patterns that are great for beginner’s from Complete Guide to Soap Carving.


Can you paint with all the colors of the rainbow? Yes you can! And it’s even more fun (and less messy) with watercolor paints check out Paint Magic with Water for the younger kiddos or browse our entire watercolor collection for their older brothers and sisters.

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets were all the rage in the 90’s and they’ve made a comeback thanks to Taylor Swift! Craft some with bead or yarn with these friendship bracelet how-to titles.


We’ve got your summer break covered. Embark on a journey of learning fueled by creativity! Click to check out more books about a variety of topics from kids’ crafts to learning about the world around us.