Wood Mosaic Projects: Free Woodworking Pattern

Wood Mosaic Projects: Free Woodworking Pattern

Wood Mosiac Projects: Free Woodworking Pattern

Quilting isn’t just for fabric anymore. Author and artist Troy Murrah is a passionate carpenter who uses reclaimed wood to create wooden quilt blocks. Inside Troy’s new book, Wood Mosaic Projects, he walks woodworkers through his process of making wall-hanging art and functional design pieces in his distinct style. He created this unique artform to pay homage to his late mother, Judy Murrah, who was a renowned quilter as the VP of Education and Administration of Quilts Inc.

“I wrote Wood Mosaic Projects to connect people with the satisfaction and pleasure of making things by hand themselves again.”

Troy Murrah

Author & Woodworker of Wood Mosaic Projects

Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine


Classic Quilt Block Designs in Wood,  $15.99

Discover a fresh, new woodcraft that consists of cutting and piecing together wooden quilt blocks to make elaborate yet accessible wall hangings, decor, and more! Wood Mosaic Projects covers the basics for reinventing traditional quilt designs from wood. Featuring tips on selecting patterns, cutting pieces to fit snuggly, adding color, and putting it all together, this exciting new hobby is intriguing, original, and sustainable!

Excerpt from Wood Mosaic Projects by Troy Murrah

Combining my inherited family skills of quilting and carpentry, I taught myself to use thousands of wood fragments, cut from leftover remnants, to construct elaborate wall hangings that replicate traditional quilt block designs. My aim is to give you a springboard into putting your own unique spin on my original “built quilt” pieces, as I like to call them.

The wood mosaics projects were not made from freshly-milled lumber sourced from a woodshop—they were made from upcycled scraps collected over time. For centuries, people have resourcefully used scraps, remnants, and rags to make quilts. Similarly, with these projects, Wood Mosaic Projects will teach you how to turn discarded wood into magic. Download a free pattern from Wood Mosaic Projects below!

To learn more about Troy’s background, visit his author page here.

More Projects Inside Wood Mosaic Projects

Festival of Stars Door
This was my second time making the Festival of Stars quilt pattern, but it was the first time I incorporated a built quilt into a door! The Festival of Stars block consists of several star quilt blocks and a variation of pinwheels in between them. This is a great way to make art that is functional. So, let’s open some doors! This block is based on three measurements and can be made using a color combination of just three different colors per block. 

Stars & Wreath Desk Decor
This is an intricate, beautiful block. You can modify it in various ways to match your personal taste and make it your own. Once you get the hang of it, you can create variations by playing with different colors. Due to its size and the thickness of the frame, you can also choose to either hang it on a wall or perch it on a desk or other surface.

Stars & Wreath Desk Decor
This wall hanging is made mostly from material that had already been colored for previous jobs or projects. It’s a more creative and ecologically conscious way to get rid of leftover material I have around the studio from the past, and I highly recommend it. Maybe you have some remnants in your workspace that would be a good fit for this block too. 

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