Scroller Spotlight: Uli Kirchler

Featured in the fall Scroll Saw Woodworking Magazine 2021

Artist Uli Kirchler creates surprisingly kinetic sculptures from gnarled burls.

Kirchler, who grew up in the Italian Alps, was surrounded by glaciers and tall mountains as a child. Now in Oregan, Kirchler sources local wood, the more gnarly the better, for his hidden castles that pay tribute to his homeland. With a flick of the wrist, Kirchler’s little buildings pop out of the wood burls expanding like a telescope wowing crowds.

Each piece in Kirchler’s fantastical city is meticulously cut with a scroll saw, which caught the eye of the Scroll Saw Woodworking Magazine team.  The final product is not only pleasing to look at, but also fun and interactive—art that should be touched!

Kirchler’s work is currently featured in the fall Scroll Saw Woodworking Magazine. You can find the single issue here or subscribe online.  See more of Uli’s work below.

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One of the best moments is cutting a chunk of wood in half and being the first person to see what’s inside. It’s a feeling of pure joy—absolutely spectacular. ~ Uli Kirchler

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