Carver Spotlight: Māori Woodcarver Broxh

Featured in the fall Woodcarving Illustrated 2021 Magazine

Affectionally called the Bob “Broxh” Ross of wood carving, Twitch sensation Broxh carved a name for himself.  Broxh, a New Zealand native, combined his love of gaming with his Whakairo, the Māori art of carving, and became an overnight Twitch success! Twitch is the world’s leading live streaming platform that is widely used by video gameplay in real-time. 

What started as a platform for him to showcase his World of Warcraft gameplay, Broxh began live streaming another one of his passions  –  the traditional art of Māori woodcarving.  “They came for the gaming and stayed for the woodcarving,” he joked. 

Broxh is a descendant of the Māori, the indigenous Polynesian people native to New Zealand. In each carving, Broxh uses adzes and chisels to carve Whakario patterns and symbols that showcase his heritage. His large scale carvings and generosity caught the eye of the Woodcarving Magazine team for the Fall issue, New Zealand’s Prime Minister, and New Zealand’s Creative Showcase.  

Broxh’s full story and work is currently featured in the fall Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine. You can find the single issue here or subscribe online.  See more of Broxh’s work below.

Fall Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine

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“Invest in the tools you need and go for it,” he said. “And don’t be afraid to mess up. In the words of Bob
Ross: we don’t make mistakes, just happy accidents.” ~ Broxh

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