DIY Harry Potter Wands – Free Woodworking Pattern

Mastering the Enchanting Art of Carving, Turning, and Scrolling Wands

Excerpt from Compendium of Wood Wand Making Techniques 

Welcome to a wonderful world of magical wands! With their rich history and eye-catching style, whether or not you are a “believer” in the magic, you can’t deny the power and aesthetic of a handmade wooden wand. Wands can easily be customized for their recipient witches, wizards, and fans of favorite magical stories, and the Compendium of Wood Wand Making Techniques Book presents twenty enchanting designs to cover all kinds of tastes and woodworking techniques!

The wands in the book are divided up into four sections based on the technique used to create them: hand carving, scroll saw, turning, and power carving. If you already have experience in one of these methods, you may feel drawn to start in that section. But the great thing is, each of the four sections includes a quick primer on the basics of the technique, so if you’ve never tried the method before, you can easily learn the essentials and start experimenting with wands in a new woodworking style. Each wand is presented with a full materials and tools list and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the crafting process, and patterns are provided when needed. You can have fun choosing the woods you want to use, tweaking the paint or gem colors, and otherwise customizing each design to maximize its magical potential. It’s time to tap into your spellcasting skills and conjure up some unique wooden wands!

Sample a free wood carving pattern below from the Compendium of Wood Wand Making Techniques Book and see what magical wood carving, scroll saw, wood turning, and power carving projects await inside!

Compendium of Wooden Wand Making Technique

 Your complete guide to wand-making magic!

  • 20 enchanting projects of wooden wand designs inspired by fiction and fantasy
  • Carve, turn, and scroll with five wand projects for each of four woodworking techniques
  • Step-by-step instructions, coordinating photography, and easy-to-use patterns
  • Wand lore and the magical properties and personalities of various wood types
  • Inspirational gallery of characters from famous fantasy series wielding their magical wands and staffs
  • Sketchbook section provides space to work out your own original wand designs


Wands in the Book

5 Wood Carving PROJECTS & Patterns

Be warned: those who travel the path of the woodcarver rarely return. From beginner to master wand carver, there are 5 projects that will gradually increase in difficulty.


This tool is such a breeze to pick up, you’ll be enchanting family and friends with your newfound skills by the next witching hour! Learn the technique of compound cuts where you cut the shape on two adjacent sides of the blank, one after
another, to create a 3D piece. 


Magic wands are a fun, easy turning
project for both the beginner and
experienced turner. Each of these wands will be made by spindle turning, which is one kind of turning that can be done on a lathe.

5 Power Carving Projects & Patterns

Power carving allows you to minimize physical effort and work quickly, as long as you have good control over the tool. It’s a craft that anyone can learn to do and is so fast, you’ll be making magic in no time.

“The Compendium of Wooden Wand Making Techniques is a whimsical, fun quest into wand making. From carving to turning, you’ll find a technique to suit your skill level.” 

— Logan Wittmer

Editor in Chief, Popular Woodworking Magazine

Harry Potter Wand Woods


Moderately hard with a rich, reddish color, cherry is a trustworthy wood preferred by trustworthy wizards. You dedicate yourself to every task and see it through to the end; some might accuse you of being predictable, but you wear that as a badge of honor. It takes all kinds to make a world!


This mildly durable softwood has a strong character that belies its meek appearance. Purposeful, levelheaded, and calm, the bearer of a fir wand is someone you want in your corner when calamity strikes.


Tough and dense with dramatic veins, rosewood really puts on a show. A favorite of wizards who err on the high-maintenance side—sumptuous silk robes, the best crystal goblets—this wood variety has a secret humble side, too. Given time and plenty of thoughtful spellwork, its users may reveal their better angels to the few who know them best.


Light and flexible, willow does its best in the hands of thinkers rather than doers. Preferring to spend most of their time in quiet contemplation, these farseeing wizards make ready advisers, gently guiding the movers and shakers of the world from the shadows.

Find more suggested wood for wizard wands in the Compendium of Wood Wand Making Techniques Book!

Wizard Wand Inspiration

Albus Dumbledore’s wand is elder with a thestral tail hair core, 15″. He uses it to rescue Harry from Voldemort in the Atrium of the Ministry of Magic in Book 5.

Hermione Granger’s wand is vine wood with a dragon heartstring core, 10 3/4″. She uses it to conjure a portable blue flame at several points throughout the series.

Voldemort’s wand is yew with a phoenix tail feather core, 13 1/2″. He uses it to duel with Harry in the graveyard after coming back to power in Book 4.

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