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The Spring 2021 issue of Scroll Saw Magazine is coming out in January 2021 and it’s bursting with kid-friendly projects, toys, and ideas that will spark your inner child. 

This new issue kicks off the new year sharing designs for the entire family and exciting new projects for a new generation of scrollers, like nine-year-old, Paisley Sy who has been scrolling since preschool! 

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Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned scroll sawer, Scroll Saw Woodworking and Crafts Magazine is your one-stop source for making all your scroll saw projects a success! Packed with dozens of full-size, professionally drawn patterns, each issue offers step-by-step, photo-illustrated instructions for all types of scrolling.  

Beginner to Intermediate Scroll Saw Projects

Whether you’re considering showing a first-timer the ropes or have just begun scrolling yourself, the projects in this issue are a great place to start. Practice precision in Dave Van Ess’ tessellated puzzle project and then invite the family to apply their own artistic flair to the pieces; try out compound cutting on six super-simple “hothouse plants” by Sue Mey; or learn how versatile the scroll saw can be with Megan Yardley’s tips on turning kids’ drawings into wooden wall art and a guide from the SSW&C staff on making woodblock-printed T-shirts for just a few bucks each.

“As you delve further into the art of woodworking, we hope that the articles in this volume foster a childlike glee in you—that, teacher or student, you can say even after years at the saw that every project is as exciting as the first.”

Kaylee Schofield


Advanced scroll saw patterns 

For the seasoned scrollers, take a fresh look at your cluttered workshop and show it some love with a slew of space-saving hacks from tiny workshop expert Stephen Watson. Challenge yourself with a dizzying nautical fretwork by Fiona Kingdon, cut one of Diana Thompson’s stunningly delicate 3D birds, or hone your intarsia skills on a recently unearthed feline design by the legendary Lucille Crabtree. Even if you know most of the tricks in the book, these advanced projects may just have a few more up their sleeves!

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