BigFoot Objects to BigFoot Hunting Season Legislation in Oklahoma

BigFoot Visits the Big Cities of the World - Another BigFoot Sighting

Lancaster, PAIn January 2021, Oklahoma Rep. Justin Humphrey introduced a new bill to the state legislature in a proposal to open up licenses for Bigfoot Hunting Season. Incidentally, the illusive BigFoot was last seen in Oklahoma after taking time off from his busy book tour.

BigFoot is the star of the best-selling children’s seek-and-find and activity book series by D.L. Miller. In this series, BigFoot appears in seek-and-find books such as BigFoot Goes on Great Adventures and BigFoot Goes on Big City Adventures as well as activity books such as BigFoot Fun Book

BigFoot was available for comment before retreating into the woods, stating: “I am adamantly opposed to the new bill. I strongly urge Mr. Humphrey to reconsider his position.”

Alan Giagnocavo, publisher of the BigFoot series, was also available for comment. “BigFoot should roam without fear. Not only is he friendly, he also has a wealth of information to share about the many places he visits.” 

In D.L. Miller’s seek-and-find books, you can look for BigFoot in colorful landscapes while learning fun facts about the vast array of countries and continents BigFoot visits. BigFoot is happy to teach young readers about cultures, landmarks, and natural wonders of the world in his entertaining and educational children’s books.

The Sasquatch star quickly made his way into the woods after being interviewed—he was quite hard to find after that. But he left an impression on reporters with his final statement: “Why not hunt for me inside seek-and-find books instead? You’ll have much more fun looking for me from the comfort of your own living room!”

Author and Illustrator D.L. Miller poses with BigFoot and two books starring the mythical beast himself.

Can you spot BigFoot at the Oklahoma State Capitol? Illustration by D.L. Miller.


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