Six Reasons to Grow Vegetables with Raised Beds

Vegetable Gardening the Easy Way

Sourced by Clare Matthews in the Low-Maintenance Vegetable Garden.

A raised bed is a planting area with a soil level significantly above the natural soil level, normally contained within a frame and surrounded by paths. Although often constructed from wood, raised beds can be made from just about anything durable that will form a frame to hold soil.

Gardening in raised beds is very efficient and offers plenty of benefits for anyone trying to cut down on the time spent maintaining a vegetable garden. It reduces what can be an overwhelming challenge into easily tackled chunks, saving time and effort.

Six Advantages of Raised Beds

  • Raised beds allow you to escape unfavorable soil. Fill your beds with good-quality topsoil and organic fertilizer to eliminate problems with bad drainage or thin soil.
  • Raised beds give you a better harvest for less effort. You only need to maintain, water, weed, and cultivate the core growing area.
  • Closer spacing in a raised bed also cuts down on weeding since more of the soil is covered with plants and the weeds are deprived of light.
  • Soil in raised beds warms up more quickly in the spring, allowing plants and seeds to get a faster start.
  • Raised beds allow you to harvest crops in all kinds of weather since there is no need to walk on the soil. This is very handy when you are short of time and can’t be picky about when you venture outdoors.
  • Higher beds are also an excellent option for gardeners with back problems.

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Low-Maintenance Vegetable Garden

Clare Matthews always wanted to give her family the fantastic experience of a real vegetable patch. But as a working mother with three children, she could only tend her garden on weekends, and even then there were plenty of other demands on her time! After several years she discovered how to make growing vegetables easy with a mixture of common sense and time-saving techniques. In this book, Clare explains the strategies that can make your weekend garden a success no matter how time-poor you may be.

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