10 House Plant Species For Low Light

10 House Plant Species For Low Light

10 House Plant Species For Low Light

Essential Indoor Plants for Every Jungalow

Green décor is on the rise: the tiniest windowsills are now covered in plant life. 

Plants are timeless, making them a virtual guarantee of success no matter your personal style.  All of the plants below can be easily found in large garden centers, and many can be acquired from local fellow gardeners.

With limited windowsill space, partial shade plants are an essential indoor plant for every jungalow. Catherine Delvaux, author of 50 Simple Indoor Miniature Gardens, shares her top 10 indoor plants  below that can live in a limited amount of soil and light, grow well, and resist diseases and pests.


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50 Simple Indoor Miniature Gardens

Turn your indoor living space into a mini garden oasis! This book is filled with 50 inventive micro-garden ideas that were specifically selected for their simplicity and easy upkeep. Whether you like cacti, succulents, green plants, flowering plants, vegetables, or orchids, these inspiring ideas will awaken the creative gardener inside you.


10 Low Light Houseplants

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Ficus pumila (creeping fig)

This creeping, fast-growing species is ideal for wet terrariums.

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Chirita sp.

We love the blue, lavender, yellow, or white flowers, which depend on the variety.

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Chamaedorea elegans (parlor palm)

t looks like a palm tree but flowers like a mimosa. It likes the shade.

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Chlorophytum comosum (spider plant)

Its fleshy roots have the capacity to store water, so do not over-water it.

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Hoya carnosa (wax plant)

Also known as the porcelain flower, this species needs at least 44 to 55°F (7 to 13°C) to grow well and bloom.

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Peperomia sp. (radiator plant)

Radiator plants’ leaves can absorb and store moisture from the air.

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Saintpaulia sp. (African violet)

These violets require good soil and partial shade.

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Ficus benjamina (weeping fig/ficus)

Grow as a bonsai, as a tree, with a spiral trunk, braided, with variegated foliage, etc.

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Tradescantia sp. (spiderwort)

Drought, heat, humidity, hardship—these can resist everything, except slugs!

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Sansevieria sp. (snake plant)

These requires very little care, little light, very little water, and little heat.

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How to Compost

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