Scroll Saw Pattern: Man’s Best Friend

Scroll Saw Pattern: Man’s Best Friend

Scroll Saw Pattern: Man’s Best Friend

By Jean-Bernard Germe,
Author and Pattern Designer of Making Wooden People & Pets with Personality, $12.99

I created this sculpture in 2016 under the simple title of “A Man, A Dog,”
to represent the mutual affection between people and their dogs. I have
since created many versions of this sculpture, featuring different humans
and pets. Change the wood type and finish to pay homage to your own
four-legged friend; this freestanding piece is sure to become a cherished
decoration in your home. Sample one of Jean-Bernard’s patterns below!  

Getting Started
Choose your wood varieties; I used beech for the human and walnut for the dog,
but you can use any contrasting hardwoods you prefer. Cover the blanks with
masking tape or blue painter’s tape, and then apply the patterns to the tape with
a repositionable glue stick, making sure that the grain runs vertically (with the
direction of the legs). Drill the holes for the eyes.

Cutting and Finishing
Cut the pieces on a scroll saw. I started with the perimeters, and then cut the
smiles on the human and dog. Carefully remove the patterns and hand-sand
with 150-grit sandpaper, moving up progressively through the grits to 320.
Remove excess dust with a tack cloth and apply a finish; I used natural Danish
oil. Wipe off the excess, disposing of dirty rags per the instructions on the
container of finish. Let dry and display.

Project originally featured in Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts, Spring 2022 Magazine. 

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Making Wooden People & Pets with Personality

24 Easy Project for the Scroll Saw

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I occasionally use unconventional materials for my pieces, such as
live-edge wood scraps with bark and lichen. You could also find an
interesting knot or grain feature and highlight it in the piece. 

About the Author & Pattern Designer Jean-Bernard Germe designs all his patterns by hand in his workshop in the north of France. He likes to keep the designs simple to make them accessible for all scrollsawers, and enjoys drawing each pattern as much as he loves cutting it. Find more of Jean-Bernard’s work on his website,, or on Etsy and Facebook at 2virgule5d.
Jean-Bernard Germe

Scroll Saw Pattern Designer & Author of Making Wooden People & Pets with Personality

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