Fox Chapel Supports ‘Kids Saving the Rainforest’ Mission Through Book Program

October 2022


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Lancaster County, PA — Fox Chapel Publishing announces a partnership with Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR), a non-profit organization with a mission to protect the diverse wildlife of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast.

In this partnership, Fox Chapel Publishing will create coloring books and other book products that drive awareness about rainforest animals, with a portion of every copy sold sent directly to Kids Saving the Rainforest.

The first book in this program is titled Great Amazon Rainforest: Color and Learn About Sloths, Snakes, Exotic Birds and Many More Mysterious Animals, launching April of 2023. The book includes 40 line-art designs of animals as well as educational facts.

“Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR) is very excited to be part of this coloring book program. We believe it is a great tool for kids to learn about rainforest animals and be aware of the beautiful world around them. Through this book, kids will also learn about the importance of conservation.”
—Carmen Soto, executive director and head veterinarian of KSTR

KSTR was founded in 1999 by Jennifer Rice after she and her young daughter saw firsthand the devestating impacts of deforestation on rainforest animals. They began donating toward another conservation program, only to realize their donations went toward administration fees only. Jennifer made it her mission to create her own non-profit that would directly save animals in need. Now, the program is thriving with a Wildlife Rescue Center, a Wildlife Sanctuary, international educational programs, and rope bridges that help animals safely cross through the forest without running into electrical wires.

Through KSTR, children can learn about the impacts of deforestation, just as Rice’s daughter once did, and how they can make a difference to give animals the chance they deserve. “We believe making an impact in conservation comes from teaching kids at a young age of the actions they can take to protect the world they live in,” Carmen Soto, executive director and head veterinarian of KSTR, says.

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