Free Scroll Saw Letter Patterns

Don’t let those beautiful wood scraps go to waste; create a masterpiece!

By Danielle Schagrin, Designed by Vic Landry
Featured in the Scroll Saw Magazine, Spring 2020 Issue

As the son of a furniture maker, Vic Landry grew up with an appreciation for wood. Following in his father’s footsteps, Vic studied carpentry and has been working with wood ever since. It’s no surprise, then, that Vic sees potential in even the smallest scrap. This bold, modern piece is a declaration of his love for the material that has given him many years of inspiration. While Vic provided patterns for the letters, there are no patterns for the rest of the project; that’s up to you! Let your scraps guide you as you create your own piece of art. Enter your email below to unlock this scroll saw alphabet pattern by Vic Landry.

Getting Started

The letters come first for this project. Vic developed patterns to spell out “I LOVE WOOD,” but you can customize the project to say whatever you want! Once you’ve decided on your message and the size of your letters, reassess your materials; the amount of scraps you have will determine how large the piece is. Vic used 22 different woods, including zebrawood, purpleheart, and teak, to fill a square backer board made from plywood. To get the full instructions from Vic, check out the new Scroll Saw Magazine, Spring 2020 Issue. 

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