FREE Scroll Saw Puzzle Pattern: Out of this World UFO

FREE Scroll Saw Puzzle Pattern: Out of this World UFO

Free Scroll Saw Pattern: UFO

By Sarah Lyn Chamberlain, Contributor of Easy Handmade Toys & Puzzles

This stylized puzzle is the perfect gift for adventurous kids. I designed the tabs on the interlocking pieces to function as design elements, such as windows, in addition to their practical purposes. This suggestion of certain details gives the puzzle a simplified form, requiring fewer drill holes and cuts overall.

Note: For very young children, woodburn along the lines of the smallest pieces instead of cutting them. 

Sarah Lyn Chamberlain has loved woodworking since age five but did not start scrolling until she purchased her first scroll saw as an adult. She taught herself how to use it and hasn’t stopped since. Sarah enjoys intricate projects, but her favorite thing to create is playful puzzle designs.  Sarah is a regular contributor of Scroll saw Woodworking & Crafts Magazine.  Her unique puzzle patterns can also be found in the in the brand new Easy Handmade Toys and Puzzle compilation book. Inside you will find her hot air balloon and emergency vehicles puzzle patterns. Easy Handmade Toys and Puzzles features 35 scroll saw patterns with detailed instructions, coordinating photography, and expert tips for achieving each amazing woodworking project. Scroll down below to preview more projects inside this 120 page book!

Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine

Easy Handmade Toys & Puzzles

35 Wood Projects and Patterns

A compilation of fresh, fun, and whimsical toys and puzzles from the most recent issues of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts, this must-have project guide is perfect for beginner to intermediate scroll sawyers looking to make a wide range of timeless, natural wooden toys! Original scroll saw designs and projects contributed by talented scroll saw artists, including Judy Peterson, Sarah Chamberlain, Bob Gilsdorf, Brad Anderson, Paul Meisel, Sue Mey, and several others.


Choose a kind of wood; I prefer 3/4 ” (1.9cm) pine. Sand the blanks with 80-grit sandpaper and cover the surfaces with blue painter’s tape. Photocopy the patterns, and then use spray adhesive to secure them to the tape. The grain on the rocket should Rocket and UFO Puzzles flow vertically; the grain on the UFO should flow horizontally. Drill the holes for the windows on both.

Cut the outside shape of each puzzle, and then work through the rest of the cuts. It helps to start with unwieldy areas, like the rocket antenna and the UFO legs; this way, you can set them aside early on and maneuver the remaining stock more easily. When cut, remove the patterns, reassemble the puzzles, and use an orbital sander on the fronts and backs. Sand the edges by hand, moving up progressively through the grits until you reach 320. Stain as desired; when I stain, I usually tackle all of the light-colored pieces first and move through the stains color by color. Let the pieces dry for 24 hours and then spray with several coats of clear gloss finish.

Projects Inside Easy Handmade Toys & Puzzles

Under the Sea
By Ruth Chopp

Have a beach day with this fun, interactive puzzle. I made it using a
variety of contrasting hardwoods, but you can add pops of color with
paints or stains, if desired.

Robot Man & Rusty  By Fred & Julie Byrne This quirky little robot is a fun gift for kids and adults alike. An elastic cord and simple grooves allow the pieces to be positioned in numerous ways. Interchangeable accessories make the toy even more fun. Just as easy to make is the flexible robot’s trusty friend, Rusty the dog.

Popsicle & Treats
By Jamie Costiglio

Pretend play food encourages kids to develop positive social behaviors—and what’s more fun than play popsicles and ice cream? This simple scroll saw project makes a great gift for kids of all ages; it’s durable, customizable, and affordable to make. The six components mimic real ice pops and ice cream, with drippy chocolate and colorful sprinkle toppings, but you can paint them to look like any icy treats you prefer.

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