Free Scroll Saw Pattern: Dragon Portrait 

“Dragon Portrait” designed by Lora Irish, Intarsia by Sam Wilcox

In celebration of the new Lora Irish Patterns release and the change of season, we’re sharing a free pattern by Lora Irish ‘Dragon Portrait’ pattern that will spark ideas for your next scroll saw work.

Throughout history the dragon appears in legends, mythologies, and oral traditions as an adversary to mankind. They are more than simple animal characters that appear within the tales. Dragons are used as an element within the myths to symbolize the forces and fears that man must overcome to survive and grow within his world.

‘Dragon Portrait’ Lora S. Irish Design – Download Below

Artists are constantly looking for new ideas that can be adapted to their work and scrollers are no acception! Lora Irish’s patterns are designed so that you, the artist, can not only use them directly from the pages but also manipulate the designs to better fulfill your needs. Because the dragon is created from man’s imagination, his body shape, adornments, skin texture, color, and even his environment are open to the interruption of the crafter. Many of the physical features can be stretched or compressed to meet the size and area limitations of the media in which you are working. Scroll down below to download this free scroll saw pattern.

Lora Irish’s patterns also include celtic crosses and panels, sea life, song birds, butterflies and insects, and so much more! Also check out her free woodcarving pattern download here.

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10 brand new Lora Irish pattern books are here! More than a dozen patterns, only $12 each. With Celtic knots, dragon medallions, seashells, butterflies, and so much more, you’ll always have something to create! Great for scroll sawers, woodcarvers, pyrographers, and other crafters, all patterns are printed on individual sheets and come packaged in a clear acetate sleeve.

“Horned Beast Portrait” design by Lora Irish, Intarsia by Brian Pardue

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