Free Wood Carving Design: Fall Birdhouse Pattern


In celebration of the new Woodcarving Illustrated Fall 2019 issue release, the 10 new Lora Irish Patterns release, and the change of season, we’re sharing a free pattern by Lora Irish that will get you in the mood for carving on a cool Autumn evening.

Lora Irish is back with 10 new pattern packs to inspire relief carvers, pyrographers, and scroll sawers. Scroll down to unlock your free pattern and sample one of Lora’s designs.

‘No Vacancy’ Bird House Low Relief with Woodburning Details by Lora Irish
Using a woodburning tool, you can add fine details to low relief carvings. Because I worked this carving on a small round-top plaque, I chose to use a woodburning tool to add in the texture and detail lines instead of a V-gouge. This kept the texture and detail lines as fine as possible. – Lora Irish

Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine

Over 150 Scroll Saw Patterns! - 10 New Lora Irish Booklets Now Available

10 brand new Lora Irish pattern books are here! More than a dozen patterns, only $12 each. With Celtic knots, dragon medallions, seashells, butterflies, and so much more, you’ll always have something to create! Great for woodcarvers, pyrographers, and other crafters, all patterns are printed on individual sheets and come packaged in a clear acetate sleeve.

More Fall Projects

The new Fall Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine has more projects to get you in the mood for the change of seasons with 9 unique projects, plus 12 Halloween-themed projects, all with step-by-step instructions, coordinating photography, and full-size patterns. Beginners can practice their hand carving with a cat and moon pendant necklace, while more advanced carvers will enjoy detailed challenges, one of which starring Dracula. Read about working with recovered sunken wood from centuries ago, gain access to video extras, special offers, and bonus plans, and more!

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 03

Count Dracula

By Dwayne Gosnell
Hone your carving and painting skills on this toothy troublemaker

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 04

Chip-Carved Ball-Foot Box

By Marty Leenhouts
Layered leaf and wave designs evoke a breezy afternoon in the woods

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 04

Burning the Raven

By Valerie Connell
Learn to create feathers and stone textures with this Poe-worthy portrait

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 03

Sunken Treasure

By Kaylee Schofield
A team hunts underwater for some very special wood


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