Gifts for the Scroll Saw Woodworker in Your Life

So, you decided to get your scroll sawing friend a gift this holiday season. Go you! But, where do you start? To help make your choices a little bit easier, here’s a guide to our top scroll saw books of the year divided by category. Plus bonus, when you buy a project book for a scroll sawer, they might just feel inclined to gift you one of their creations!

If you’re looking for a gift for a scroll sawer but you’re not sure what they have in their library, this section is for you! A subscription to Scroll Saw Magazine is our top seller and the gift that keeps on giving (4 times per year to be exact). 

Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Issue 81 Winter 2020

Subscription to Scroll Saw Magazine, $39.98
This top scroll saw resource includes advice from industry-leading contributors, techniques, patterns, and step-by-step projects.

Woodworker’s Shop Journal, $16.99
This notebook is a universal gift for any skill level to organize measurements, project logs, and tool checklists.

Personalized Scroll Saw Shop Journal, $9.99
A great stocking stuff gift for woodworkers, this journal can be personalized with the recipient’s name and a personalized dedication message from you inside.

21 Compound-Cut Christmas Ornaments, $7.99
Scroll sawers always need pattern booklets. This unique guide shows how to create 3D ornaments.

Fretwork takes lots of focus and a steady hand. Your fretwork scrolling friend is most likely a patient person! Give them practice with our selections of fretwork books and patterns below.

Pair it with:

Woodworker’s Pattern Book, $16.99
This pattern booklet will bring to life 78 animals from exotic predators to familar backyard friends.



John Nelson’s Pattern Series, $4.95-$18.95
For scroll sawers that like to get lost in the details, John Nelson’s Pattern series provides highly-detailed drawings with precise measurements.

Wildlife Portraits in Wood, $14.95 
Featuring animals from around the world, these 30 scroll saw patterns will bring the beauty of nature to your scroller’s workshop.

Custom Music Boxes for the Scroll Saw, $19.95
A challenge for advanced woodworkers who love fretwork, this book is filled with 45 keepsake projects. 

This assortment of intarsia projects will give your scroll saw friend everything they need to know about creating beautiful wood inlay projects.

Lora Irish’s Pattern Series, $12.99 each
All scroll sawers will undoubtedly need patterns! With 10 themed-pattern packets, these gifts are great for intermediate to advanced scrollers.

Wildlife Intarsia Woodworking, 2nd Edition

Wildlife Intarsia Woodworking, $19.99
As our best selling intarsia book, Wildlife Intarsia Woodworking will take your scroll saw skills to the next level.

Wildlife Intarsia Woodworking, 2nd Edition

Big Book of Christmas Ornaments, $19.95
This collection of holiday favorites features all types of techniques with leading advice from experts in the scroll saw world.

Wildlife Intarsia Woodworking, 2nd Edition

Art of Intarsia Bundle, $50
Master the art of intarsia with this three-book bundle. With hours of step-by-step instruction, this set will help your scroller build their masterpiece. 

For the extreme puzzle maker in your life, our wide variety of scroll saw puzzle books and patterns will keep them creating! 

Big Book of Scroll Saw Puzzles, $19.99
Create 75 art puzzles on your scroll saw with shop-tested patterns and step-by-step instructions through every aspect of your project from tools, materials, preparation, cutting, staining, and painting.

Wooden Puzzles, $17.95
This puzzle booklet is the master of all references! With a whopping 31 patterns and projects, your scroll sawer will find something within these pages.

Scroll Saw Baby Animals, $17.99
Award-winning scroll saw artists Judy and Dave Peterson packed this book with a menagerie of 50 animals puzzle patterns.

Wild Animal Patterns for the Scroll Saw, $7.99
These woodimal puzzles can be created in just 20 minutes no matter the skill level!  

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