Which Wood Burning Pen is Right for you?

Which Wood Burning Pen is Right for you?

Which Wood burning Pen Is Right For YOu?

Whether you want to make a personalized gift, looking for a new hobby, or want to make your own table decor, wood burning will take your craft to the next level. Getting started is easy and inexpensive tools can be found at your local craft store.

Ready to become a pyrographer? Here’s a crash course in choosing the right wood burning pen from Michele Parsons, Author of the Quick-Start Woodburning Guide so you can jump right in and start those exciting craft projects! 

Types of Woodburners

There are two types of woodburners: solid point and wire tipped, which are named by the types of pen tips they use. Solid-point woodburners use solid brass tips, and wire-tipped woodburners use nichrome wire tips.

Solid-point burners, sometimes called craft burners, look similar to soldering irons. The burner consists of an all-in-one pen handle and cord with a removable brass tip that screws into the handle. This type of woodburner can be purchased as either a single-temperature burner or a woodburner with a rheostat to adjust the temperature.

A wire-tipped woodburner consists of a control box connected to an electric pen by a cord. The nichrome wire tips are extremely sensitive and can usually heat up and cool down within seconds. This means you can rapidly change from really dark to really light burning as well as change the pen tips quickly.

Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine

Quick-Start Woodburning Guide

The perfect companion to your first woodburning pen!

  • Beginner-friendly starter guide is quick, easy-to-read, and rich with high-quality photos
  • Learn the basics of pyrography including safety, tools, pens, pattern transfer, and burning techniques
  • Suggested reading lists for project books and DVDs for when you’re ready to expand your knowledge
  • Stocking stuffer and a great add-on gift for anyone getting a new wood burning pen as a present

Wood burning Pen Tips

Woodburning pens come in two styles: fixed tip and replaceable tip. 

A fixed-tip pen refers to a pen with its tip permanently soldered to the pen handle, providing what is considered by most to be the best connection possible. The entire pen unit is connected and disconnected from the unit’s cord.

A replaceable-tip pen comes in two pieces: the pen handle and the tip. The advantage of purchasing a replaceable-tip pen is that once you buy the handle, you only need to buy new tips, which is very inexpensive compared to
purchasing a fixed-tip pen. 


Wood Carving a Fish - Step 01


Writer pens have a rounded tip that burn lines with soft edges. Writers’ rounded tips allow them to move in any direction, such as in circles and loops.

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 03


Skew pens are named for the tilted, skewed angle of the knife edge. The knife edge of skew tips allows them to make
straight lines or slightly curved lines.

Cleaning Your Wood Burning Pen
Wipe your pen tip on a piece of denim when you notice black specks (carbon dust) while burning. Protect your table or project by placing the denim on a scrap piece of wood or heat-resistant silicone mat.

- Michele Parson, Quick-Start Woodburning Guide

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 03


While shader pens are similar to skew pens with their knife edges, shaders are usually bent at about a 45º angle. Shader pens burn the wood in different shades of brown, resembling the effects of a paintbrush.

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 04


Branding/specialty tips are those that don’t fall into the
previous three categories. These tips are used to create
unique burned designs in the wood. Pens from left to
right: Razertip Keeled Snake Scale, Razertip 3.8mm Circle,
Optima Basket Weave Coil, Colwood Basket Weave Coil, Colwood .240” Circle, and Walnut Hollow® Geometric Design.

Yearn to Burn: A Pyrography Master Class

Yearn to Burn: A Pyrography Master Class

Take your woodburning art to the next level by taking a masterclass with award-winning pyrographer Simon Easton! This inspired sequel to Learn to Burn offers the opportunity to advance your skills with guidance from a master craftsman. Nineteen new projects with clear instructions and step-by-step photographs fit a wide variety of occasions and decors.

Woodburning Realistic Animals

Woodburning Realistic Animals

Woodburning Realistic Animals shows how to create amazingly lifelike portraits of domestic animals and wildlife with 12 step-by-step projects plus skill-building tutorials for creating realistic eyes, short fur, long fur, manes, and whiskers.

Little Book of Pyrography

Little Book of Pyrography

This handsome hardcover gift book makes woodburning easy by walking beginners through all the basics of materials, tools, and techniques. Seven skill-building pyrography projects provide step-by-step exercises in using temperature, time, layering, and texturing to create artistic tonal values.

Landscape Pyrography Techniques & Projects

Leather Pyrography

For absolute beginners or passionate wood burners that are curious to work on a new medium, this book is a must-have, detailed guide to leather pyrography. Containing six projects for a bookmark, key fob, journal cover, and more that increase in difficulty, as well as step-by-step instructions and photography, both beginner and experienced pyrographers will learn a completely new way to burn decorative pieces and accessories. 

10 Pyrography Gift Ideas

10 Pyrography Gift Ideas

Whether you’re on the hunt for a holiday gift or another special occasion, homemade gifts are always thoughtful. Put your woodburning talents to use and handcraft something meaningful. For inspiration, we gathered 10 one-of-a-kind pyrography ideas to wow your loved ones that won’t break the bank or take hours to complete.

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