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Thimbleberries (R) Quilts with a New Attitude

Excellent quilt designs withstand the test of time. In Lynette Jensen’s new book Thimbleberries® Quilts with a New Attitude: 23 Tried and true quilt designs made in both traditional and modern fabrics, this statement rings true. Here, Jensen— an internationally-known designer and quilting authority—shows how exquisite quilt design works for both traditional and modern fabrics.

To show how a good quilt design works for both traditional and modern fabrics, Thimbleberries® Quilts with a New Attitude features blocks made with Lynette’s own Thimbleberries fabrics and the same designs in fabric by Cotton + Steel, the collaboration of five young designers whose fabrics have taken the quilting world by storm

No matter what fabric a quilter uses, a beautiful quilt design is what is important and no one is better than Lynette Jensen in creating gorgeous, complex-looking quilts that are easy to achieve. The book beautifully proves that what any quilter, new or experienced, traditional or contemporary, needs are well-written patterns, clear instructions and gorgeous photography for inspiration.

There is something for everyone in the book where tried and true meets new!

  • Tips for aspiring quilt and fabric designers.
  • How a well-done quilting pattern will withstand the test of time.
  • Her experience as the very first designer to create a Block of the Month program for quilt retailers.
  • The inspiration behind her Thimbleberries fabric line.
  • The importance of working with modern quilters, and how her work with Cotton + Steel inspired her latest book.
  • Quilt project ideas for every season.
  • How she recognized early on in the tremendous potential quilt making had in social networking.
  • And much more!


About the Author

Lynette Jensen, creator of Thimbleberries®, is a worldwide leader in quilting, sewing, and home decorating, holding a special place in the hearts and homes of quilters worldwide. Lynette is an acclaimed fabric designer for RJR Fabrics, has designed countless Thimbleberries patterns and is the best-selling author of dozens of books with millions of copies sold. She is foremost an educator and authority on the subjects of quilting and

No other designer in our industry has come close to achieving the success that Lynette has enjoyed for over two decades.”

RJR Fabrics

Thimbleberries® Quilts with a New Attitude: 23 Tried and True Quilt Designs Made in Both Traditional And Modern Fabrics

Lynette Jensen
Pages: 144 pages
Form: Softcover
ISBN 978-1-935726-92-0
SRP: $14.95