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Adult Coloring Books Continue to Soar at Fox Chapel Publishing

July 2019

July 2019



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In 2015, the adult coloring book boom created a major financial boost for publishers. Four years later, the medium has evolved to serve niche interests of customers and has become a category all unto its own. Many publishers who saw success with adult coloring books have leveled off, leaving the best players in the field to rise up with high-quality coloring books that continue to serve customers’ needs and desires.

For Fox Chapel Publishing, adult coloring titles continue to be a major part of its success. Proud publisher of Thaneeya McArdle coloring books, which have sold over four million copies to date, Fox Chapel Publishing has no intention of slowing down. This November 2019, McArdle’s Live a Colorful Life Coloring Book will launch just in time for the holiday rush.

With over twenty books to her name, McArdle coloring books have surpassed expectations since first launching in 2015. More Good Vibes, also by McArdle, debuted in Target in 2018 and was subsequently called one of the best adult coloring books on the market by New York Magazine.


“There remains a need for adult coloring books. From what we’re seeing, this category is a mainstay as customers continue to seek beautiful coloring books that are at once relaxing and uplifting.”~ David Miller, Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Another best-selling coloring book artist who goes by the name of Hello Angel is also helping to keep coloring books a healthy part of the market for Fox Chapel Publishing. Up next for Hello Angel is Hello Angel’s Fun and Fantastic coloring book, which will also launch around the holiday season. This coloring book provides beautiful and intricate designs as well as helpful hints on coloring techniques from the artist. Fox Chapel also is publishing another fantastic coloring book artist’s work—Valentina Harper’s Creative Coloring Through the Seasons will debut in early fall 2019.

What makes these books stand out from other coloring books on the market is their combination of joyful illustrations juxtaposed with positive messages. “There remains a need for adult coloring books,” says David Miller, Fox Chapel’s vice president of sales and marketing. “From what we’re seeing, this category is a mainstay as customers continue to seek beautiful coloring books that are at once relaxing and uplifting.”

With two of Fox’s best-selling artists releasing their titles in Fall 2019, the publisher expects sales to continue to soar in the coloring book category. Moving forward, the publisher’s dedication to serving customers with new coloring books, ideas, and artists remains to be a steadfast level of priority. “There’s no way around it. Adult coloring books are here to stay,” Miller affirms.