5 Adult Coloring Pages To Combat Stress

5 Adult Coloring Pages To Combat Stress

5 Adult Coloring Pages to Combat Stress

The best thing about coloring is that you don’t have to think too hard while doing it. It’s a meditative activity where you can turn off the left side of your brain and just color!  If you allow your creativity to guide you, you’ll be surprised how wonderful your artwork turns out in the end. Below are 5 coloring pages with a lesson on how they can help you to combat your everyday stress along with a free download from best-selling artist, Thaneeya McArdle

To remind yourself to live in the moment

Live for Today by Thaneeya McArdle

Coloring and patterning are relaxing, meditative activities that encourage self-expression, sending you on a creative adventure. This activity isn’t about perfection; it’s about being in the moment. Artist Thaneeya McArdle is no stranger to unwinding with a good coloring book. She is the creative force and author of more than 30 bestselling coloring books.  Enter your email to unlock your free Live for Today coloring page by Thaneeya! 

To Express Yourself

Notebook Doodles Unicorns

The best thing about about art—making it yourself or enjoying others’ creations—is that art allows you to express yourself. Whatever you love, whatever is important to you, whatever makes you who you are should come out in your art. By making art that matters to you, you’re starting a conversation with everyone who sees it. You’re saying, “Hey! This matters to me. What do you think about it?” – Jess Volinski, Notebook Doodles Unicorns Coloring and Activity Book

To Find Joy in Your Surroundings 

Creative Coloring Through the Seasons by Valentina Harper

This year, take the time to really notice the seasons changing. Listen to the wind in winter as you plan your year. Feel the cool dirt in spring as you plant your seeds. Take refuge from the summer heat in the shade. Admire the autumn leaves as you collect your harvest. And color through the Creative Coloring Through the Seasons Book as the seasons go by. May you have a beautiful year! 

To find peace among the flowers

Country Garden by Kathy Ahrens

How wonderful it is to see those bright colors splash onto your page, and how thrilling it is to see the transformation of a black and white illustration into a colorful masterpiece created by you! This page is from the Country Garden Coloring Book. With the book, you’ll find hidden garden companions that will guide you on your tranquil coloring adventure.

To Take “Me Time”

Reflections Birds and Animals by Arthouse Design 

First, I suggest starting with choosing your color scheme. Do you want a monochromatic look? Do you want every color of the rainbow? You’re the artist, so it’s up to you to decide. There is no right or wrong answer these
questions. Trust your instincts by picking an element or pattern that jumps out at you first, and go from there. Before you know it, your whole page will be filled with color. 


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