Move over Paint Night, Hello Coloring Party!

Host a DIY Coloring Party

There’s nothing better than sharing a fun evening chatting with your friends over wine and cheese – until you add coloring to the mix! Instead of paint night where you have to follow an instructor, try a coloring night where the roadmap is right in front of you.

The Guest List

Sure you can just invite your friends via text message or Facebook event but you can get inspired for the party by coloring your own invitations or better yet, send them an invitation that they can practice coloring on!

The Supplies

You can encourage your guests to bring their own or you can supply everything. Just remember it’s a good idea to have extra coloring books and supplies on hand. Use one set of color pencils per 4 guests as a rule of thumb.

The Decor

Be sure you pick a place that has good lighting, a flat surfaced table, and plenty of elbow room. Cover your table with white craft paper. This will allow guests to test their coloring supplies or for those that want to go rogue and doodle.  The great thing about coloring supplies is they are just that – colorful! Use them to decorate the table. Give each person their own jar or bucket with every color of the rainbow. To add an extra special detail, put their name on each jar with a colored nametag. Use this free printable from the DO Magazine’s Paper Crafting Issue – click here!

The Treats

Serve light snacks such as colorful fruit and veggies, crackers, cheese. Avoid anything too greasy, otherwise, their coloring pages will be a stained mess. We recommend toothpicks to keep hands clean. Don’t forget the wine for even more relaxation. Here are some colorful food theme ideas:

  • A drink bar with colorful cocktails or water with fruit in dispensers
  • A rainbow fruit and veggie plate
  • Sugar cookies or mini cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles

The Challenge

If your friends are competitive, make the evening a coloring game for adults. Coloring games can be as simple as voting on the best coloring page at the end of the night or giving them a rule they have to follow. Rules like only use three colors to finish your coloring page will turn up the heat on your competition. Give the winner a coloring book as their prize!

At the end of the party, have a place to hang (a clothesline works great) everyone’s coloring pages so they can admire each other’s work. If you want to give each person a parting gift, give them a frame as a favor to show off their work at home.

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