Free Scroll Saw Pattern: Koala Animal Puzzle

Free Scroll Saw Pattern: Koala Animal Puzzle

Free Scroll Saw Pattern: Koala Animal Puzzle

Excerpt from 20-Minute Scroll Saw Puzzles by Jaeheon Yun

Nothing beats a cute animal – except perhaps a family of them! With that in mind, Jaeheon designed this adorable Koala family puzzle pattern from his new book, 20-Minute Scroll Saw Puzzles. Find the pattern and project below!

“For the past 35 years, I have met most of the top scroll saw designers in the country.
Many have become good friends. Years ago, I came across around a dozen fantastic scroll saw puzzle patterns. I was so impressed that I made most of the puzzles and gave them to my grandkids. While I did not know the designer’s name at the time, I remember thinking that he should write a book. When I received a draft of this book for review, I immediately recognized the design work as the same I had loved years ago. There are many good scroll saw designers out there, but Jaeheon’s work stands out as truly amazing. His designs are unique and will attract a lot of attention wherever they’re displayed. His new book, 20-Minute Scroll Saw Puzzles, will make you smile.”

— John A. Nelson, Pattern designer and bestselling author of Scroll Saw Workbook

20-Minute Scroll Saw Puzzles

20-Minute Scroll Saw Patterns

56 Easy Animal Designs for Beginners
– A must-have guide for quick, easy, and fun beginner-friendly
scroll saw projects

– Includes 56 patterns of stackable and interlocking animals that can be cut in 20 minutes

– Features a complete step-by-step tutorial for cutting a
pattern and making a puzzle project

– Also includes opening sections on basic scroll saw materials, tools, techniques, safety, and finishes

– Skill-building projects result in engaging puzzles and
toys for kids

free scroll saw pattern

About Pattern Designer & Author

Jaeheon Yun spends turns “families” of animals into massive wooden constructions! With his little shop helper and puzzle tester, his son Jimin, Jaehoen runs his small business out of his two-room workshop in Yangpyeong, a town east of Seoul, South Korea.

Really, his son Jimin is how the puzzle business started. “We wanted to make something for our baby with our own hands,” Jaeheon recalled. Then he discovered the scroll saw. Although puzzle design was not a popular art form in South Korea, he began dabbling in jigsaw puzzles, adapting the classic tab-and-blank pieces into cute, stylized animals reminiscent of those found in Japanese toys. Animal pieces that interact with each other in a larger project, he says, are like little “families.”

Jaeheon’s buiness is named Namunolie, which combines two Korean words meaning “tree” and “play,” a perfect title for a designer specializing in wooden toys. Jaeheon’s new shop houses a fleet of Hegners, Jets, and Excaliburs, ready to do just that—keep “playing” with natural materials whenever inspiration strikes! Find Jaeheon’s family puzzles in his new book 20-Minute Scroll Saw Puzzles.


More Projects Inside 20-Minute Scroll Saw Puzzles

scroll saw puzzle

Penguin Pileup
Waddle up to your scroll saw to cut this tenpiece penguin tower! Be creative and give each penguin a different color by using a variety of dyes or paints for a unique final look.

scroll saw patterns

Squirrel Monkey Game Night
Hang around your scroll saw for this fun squirrel monkey puzzle! Make entry holes with a drill, then thread the blade through the holes to cut the empty spaces.

scroll saw projects
Herd of Alpacas
This puzzle may not include any fuzzy wool, but it’s still the spitting image of an alpaca family. Take extra time on the facial details, as they can be intricate.

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