From Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine, Fall 2020 Issue

There’s nothing quite like a hot cup of coffee while whittling in your workshop on a crisp Fall day! Too soon? It may still feel like summer but our Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine, Fall Issue 2020 has arrived! Fresh off the press, this magazine will inspire your wood carving projects to sharpen your skills. Practice techniques such as chip carving with Charlene Lynum’s Autumn phone holder project or flat-plane carving with James Miller’s Noble Bison project. Learn power carving with Paul Purnell’s Lion Bust and pyrography with Michele Parson’s Leather Bookmark tutorial. So grab a pumpkin spiced latte, pick up your gouge, and get into the Autumn spirit!

To celebrate the new release, enjoy these free Halloween wood carving patterns from a larger project in the Fall Issue 2020 by Alex Joiner below and keep scrolling for a preview of what else you can find in the pages of Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine, Fall Issue 2020.

Free Wood Carving Pattern: Bring this cute and quirky jack-o’-lantern to life in just a few cuts
By Alex Joiner, Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine, Fall Issue 2020

WoodCarving Illustrated Magazine

Fall into a pile of inspiration with the 2020 fall issue of Woodcarving Illustrated!  With step-by-step instructions, coordinating photography, and helpful tips, also included in this exciting issue is an “5 Under 35” rising artists feature, advice on paintbrush care, tips on teaching, technique lessons, bonus projects and videos, and so much more!

When fall comes around, we bring out the chunky sweaters, warm apple cider, and classic Halloween decorations—like pumpkins! Sticking
to the Halloween theme, I chose the colors for this project based on candy corn, a trick-or-treat classic. These pumpkin kids make for excellent gifts or even decorations around the house.
In the tutorial in the Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine, Fall 2020 Issue, I’ll show you how to carve the girl version of the pumpkin, but you can alter the details and size to make any kind of pumpkin person you prefer. Download the free Pumpkin Boy pattern by joining our wood carving email mailing list on this page!

Bird in a Boat 
By Germaine Keys

This cheery little seafarer will brighten your day in an instant. 

Acanthus Leaf Jewelry
By Mary May

Why let buildings and furniture have all the fun? Turn an ancient design motif into wearable art!

Off the Chain
By Hannah Rachel Carroll

Traveling chainsaw artist, Griffon Ramsey, brings extreme carving to the masses.

Vampire Skull Bottle Stopper
By Randy George

Sink your teeth into this practical,
skill-building project.  

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