Fox Chapel Launches Shark Coloring Book Ahead of Historic Shark Week

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Lancaster, PA — Time to get your heart pumping for this summer’s most anticipated television event returns! The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week returns this July 24th in its 34th year with larger sharks and even bigger scientific investigations from dedicated scientists and researchers in the field.

Shark Week has become a perennial favorite among viewers who have grown fascinated by this powerful and sometimes misunderstood creature. With millions of viewers tuning in every summer, it is at once an entertaining event and also an opportunity to educate people about the perils that sharks face. Across the entire week, Shark Week draws in 35 million viewers, introducing and amplifying an interest in sharks. (Source: Neilsen)

Fox Chapel Publishing, publisher of Sharks and Ocean Creatures Coloring Book: Color and Learn About Sharks, Sting Rays, Giant Octopi and Many More Deep Sea, knows the importance of educating children about these magnificent creatures.

This newly-released coloring book includes educational facts about each creature — from gargantuan whale sharks and hunting bull sharks to pointy porcupinefish and venomous red lionfish — adding an extra element of fascination and fun, so kids learn while they color.

The Children’s Aquarium of Dallas calls the book,”a delightful and fun way for kids to learn about the wonders of sea life and the animal world.”

The coloring book is certain to complement the influx of shark interest directly coinciding with Shark Week. The publisher also offers a personalized version of the coloring book, making the gift of marine knowledge even more special. 


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