Have you ever found yourself longing for your childhood home? Unfortunately, unlike Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, we’re not able to click our heels 3 times and teleport back. But we can do the next best thing – quilt! With every stitch, you’ll be inspired by feelings of nostalgia and memories of home.

An excerpt from “Hoop Quilts For Beginners” by AnnMarie Chany   “In the hallway of my parents’ house, the home I grew up in, hangs a slate plaque. The plaque has a tole painting of their house, customized with their last name and the year my parents were married. My mom had the plaque painted while I was a child, and it still hangs in the same spot today. That plaque was the inspiration for this hoop. I wanted something similar to hang up in my own home, and this hoop provides the opportunity to document the year my husband and I started our own family.”

“Fun and fast crafting…all the good parts, no tedium!” – The Well Read Mom 

The foundation of a well-made quilt comes through tons of practice. In Hoop Quilts For Beginners, you’ll hoop down memory lane with AnneMarie Chany as she details her easy-to-follow framework for patchwork and sewing. From patchwork to border finishing, Chany will guide you through 15 unique, beginner-friendly designs with heartfelt stories about the inspiration for each design.