Summer craft ideas that are little mess but lots of fun!

Two Summer Vacation Craft Projects You Can Do at Home or On-The-Go

Summer is in full swing! The first few weeks of June are all fun and games but after a few weeks of summer fun, the kiddos are complaining there’s nothing to do. Easy and simple projects are lifesavers on busy days, especially when they include a little art. Below are two easy craft projects for kids from two of our newest children’s books, Vacation Crafting and Foam Crafts for Kids (oddly by the same author, Suzanne McNeill), that are great for in the backyard, on vacation, at summer camp, or indoors during a rainy day. Want more fun, kid-friendly crafts? Sign up for our newsletter! 

Craft Books For Kids

Vacation Crafting

Inspired by the classic crafts that you made in summer camp, kids will make friendship bracelets, woven potholders, pony bead animals, plastic lanyards, wire art, rubber band jewelry, foam crafts, scoubidou, paracord gear, and more.  Buy the Book

Foam Crafts for Kids 

Filled with over 100 crafts for preschoolers or kindergarteners, Foam Crafts for Kids has simple step-by-step project instructions with traceable patterns. Buy the Book

 Pinwheel Drink Covers

You will need:

    Cheery Caterpillar Frame Craft

    By Suzanne McNeill in Foam Crafts for Kids

    Foam critters sparkle on this cute frame. Spell out your name with foam letters or make this frame for someone else, spell out their name, put in a picture of you two, and give it as a gift!

    You will need:

    • 1 (4″ x 6″) blue magnetic frame
    • White adhesive-backed foam letters
    • Green foam caterpillar
    • Green-blue foam dragonfly
    • Opal and blue glitter glues
    • Black, blue, and white foam markers
    • 4″ silver 22-gauge non-tarnish wire
    • Wire cutters
    • Round-nose pliers


    1. Outline the circles on the caterpillar body with a marker, alternating white and blue. Draw a smile and antennae. Use glitter glue to accent the body. Glue the caterpillar to the frame.
    2. Outline the white letters with a blue marker and stick them to the frame.
    3. Cut the wire into two 2″ pieces. Make antennae by turning a loop with round-nose pliers into each wire end, then swirl. Poke the other end directly into the dragonfly’s head. Add details onto the dragonfly (A) and stick it to the frame.

    Summer is our favorite time to work on crafts and projects. We hope you have some memorable family craft time during the vacation break. Get crafty with your copies of Vacation Crafting and Foam Crafts for Kids. Don’t forget to pin this post for later!

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