4 Common New Years Resolutions, 9 Books That Can Help

‘Tis the season for reinventing yourself, at least according to all those “New Year, New You” advertisements. Whether it is formally written down in a journal or a new mantra to start your day, we all make a new promise. Sticking to your new year resolution can be a daunting task. But let’s not give up before we start! Here are 9 books and journals to put in your arsenal as you crush your 2019 goals and enter the new year with positive vibes. This is your year to see the world, lower your blood pressure, or enter your “uplifting goal” here. You got this! 

Resolution #1: Be Healthier – Eat Better, Exercise More

This might be the cliche new year resolution, but it’s a good one to have every year. After all, if you take care of your body, it will take care of you.

Hello Angel Inspirational Planner, $9.99
This planner will not only help you track your refreshed healthy lifestyle but also organize your goal around your busy life. Set small intentions each week such as “eat one salad per day” and track your progress in the month or weekly view. Once you put your small intentions together, you’ll quickly realize reaching your overarching “be healthier” goal is easier than you thought!

100 Foods You Should Be Eating, $12.99
This book may have a bossy title but we all know we should be eating more veggies. This book will hit reset on the way you grocery shop. Author Glen Matten will give you the straight-talking take on the best way to buy, prepare, and cook the best ingredients – and it really is easy.

RESOLUTION #2: Learn a New Skill

If your goal this year is to learn a new skill, you came to the right place. Fox Chapel Publishing has hundreds of hobby and DIY books. Click here to search by category.

Woodworker’s Shop Journal, $16.99
Woodworking is a skill that even the experts are constantly learning and improving. Woodworker’s Shop Journal is not only a place to jot down measurements or diagrams but also a reference. From quick reference formulas to Rockwell wood hardness scales, this journal will be a guide while you’re learning your new skills. Also, see the Woodcarver’s Shop Journal.

RESOLUTION #3: Make Time for Travel

It’s time for some good old-fashioned “R&R”. This new year’s resolution is about time management. Take a break from everyday life to take some time for yourself and your family. Check out our travel section to get the most out of your vacations.

Woodstock Unlined American Peace Journal $12.99
There is something special about writing down your memories in a new journal. The Woodstock American Peace Journal will connect you with your journey while inspiring you with quotes. Don’t be confined to lines, log your trip details or draw the sights in this unlined journal, created to free your mind. And bonus, 2019 is the 50th anniversary of this great music festival! Check out the entire Woodstock Journal Series.

London Dawn to Dusk, $19.99
We hear the best time to visit London is in June through September, which leaves you plenty of time to plan your trip this year! This visually stunning souvenir of London portrays the city’s most beautiful and famous sights throughout the course of the day.

RESOLUTION #4: Be More Mindful & Read More

The best part about this resolution is that you’ve already achieved your goal – you took the first step to reflect inward. Meditation is not the only way to be mindful. Opening a book is a great way to relax your mind and focus on yourself.

The Key To Your Dreams Journal, $19.99
Mindfulness starts with meditation and dreams. Our dreams have a lot to say when it comes to oneself. With the Key to Your Dreams Journal, you can listen to what your inner voice is telling you. Not only can you log your dreams but also reflect on them with this journal’s dream symbol dictionary and a guide to interpretation.

My Prayer Journal, $7.99
Begin the new year by discussing your resolutions with God. In My Prayer Journal, you can log your goals among this journal’s encouraging bible verses to draw inspiration and support from the Bible. Also see the Complete Guide to Bible Journaling.

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