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Lancaster, PA — The topic of walls has been a subject of conversation in recent months. No matter which side of the political spectrum you’re on, there’s no denying that small ears are listening. For parents, guardians, and educators looking to broach this topic sensitively and in a non-partisan way, children’s books can be a wonderful tool.

In a new children’s book The Wall: A Timeless Tale (Happy Fox Books, July 2019), written by Italian authors Giancarlo Macrì and Carolina Zanotti and illustrators Mauro Sacco and Elisa Vallarino, young readers will learn what happens when a wall separates a once thriving kingdom. When a king realizes that people in his kingdom look different than him, he banishes everyone to the other side of a wall. However, he soon realizes that his kingdom isn’t what it used to be. His kingdom was once flourishing with singers and sculptors, dancers and astronomers, and everyone in between. Now, there is no one. Once he sees how lonely his side of the wall has become, he tries different fixes until he arrives at a new appreciation for his diverse kingdom.

Macrì and Zanotti have juxtaposed their sharp political commentary with the bright and modern illustrations of Sacco and Vallarino. Using colorful and simple illustrations, this dynamic team has helped make this challenging concept a little easier for young ones to comprehend.

“Appreciating people who may be different from ourselves is a critical skill for both adults and children, but if we are honest with ourselves, it can also be very difficult to teach, especially in a fun, memorable way. What I really liked about this book is that it focuses on the positive, thriving life and society we miss out on if we get it wrong. The Wall: A Timeless Tale helps to foster these important conversations.” – Fox Chapel Publishing President Alan Giagnocavo 

The Wall: A Timeless Tale is slated for a July 2019 release from Happy Fox Books, a children’s imprint by Fox Chapel Publishing. This will be the first time The Wall: A Timeless Tale will appear in America, after making its Italian debut in 2018.

Lively, fun, and educational, The Wall: A Timeless Tale addresses:

  • The importance of a diverse and thriving society
  • How people in power can make mistakes
  • A unique way to bring awareness to socio-economic divisions
  • An interactive way to explain borders—a pop-up wall is featured in the spine of the book and appears and disappears as the story unfolds.

About Giancarlo Macrì 

Giancarlo Macrì is an actor, musician, and the founding member of the Italian theatrical ensemble Banda Osiris. He regularly appears on television and composes and records music. He has received many prestigious awards including the Berlin International Film Festival Silver Bear and the David di Donatello.

About Carolina Zanotti 

Carolina Zanotti is a journalist specializing in music and theater and has written several successful theater shows for children as well as children’s books including We Are All Dots: A Big Plan for a Better World (Universe, 2018).