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To all our readers, crafters, authors, customers, and everyone who makes the book world go round: We realize this is not an easy time, but we are grateful that we work with something we all love—books. Books can be a source of hope and education in times of uncertainty. Behind the scenes, we are continuing to work on the books you love while practicing safe precautions and following CDC guidelines.

While many people are at home, we realize the importance of keeping our children and grandchildren engaged as well. To that end, we’ve put together a page of free resources such as puzzles and coloring pages for children. Stay well and remember, we are always here with books to help grow your passion for crafts, hobbies, and other DIY activities. 

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Coloring and Activity Book

Notebook Doodles Unicorns is a magical and fun coloring book for ‘tweens that’s filled with 32 whimsical designs of unicorns, Pegasus heads, rainbows, flowers, and more from talented artist Jess Volinski. With empowering art activities for young girls, Jess also includes instructions on basic coloring techniques, fully colored examples, and motivational quotes to go with every design.

BigFoot Fun Book!

Inside BigFoot Fun Book children ages 5+ will discover 128 pages of whimsical mazes and riddles to search & find puzzles, word games, coloring pages and more. Fun facts help young readers learn more about the world we live in. And a bonus 8-page section includes more than 80 free animal stickers!

Amazing Facts, Fun Photos, and a Look-and-Find Adventures!

Shy and reclusive, BigFoot spends most of his time in the deep dark woods, rarely spotted by humankind. But every now and then he leaves his remote retreat, and goes searching for adventure!

A Treasury of Fabulous Facts, Secret Codes, Games, Mazes, and More!

This brain-busting activity book teaches kids all about their favorite animals, from kangaroos and polar bears to tarantulas and snakes, all while having loads of fun! With hundreds of crazy cool codes, puzzles, word searches, fun facts, and so much more, these entertaining activities align with STEM curricula to keep kids engaged as they learn.

Step-by-Step Instructions and Trace-and-Draw Sketches

With this expansive collection of exercises from Kid Scoop and Happy Fox Books, kids will have hours of fun creatively drawing all their favorite animals!

50 Seek-and-Find Puzzles to Solve and Color

Bust out your binoculars! Hidden Picture Puzzles at the Zoo is filled with 50 black and white hidden puzzle pictures, all from inside the zoo. With more than 400 secret items and animals for children to find within each illustration, from cute monkeys to tough lions, they’ll be on the prowl for hours!

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New Children’s Books

Find Me! Adventures in the Forest

Bernard the Wolf wears glasses, but he still can’t see very well. Help him find his friend, Michael the Squirrel, as he plays hide-and-seek deep within the forest to sharpen Bernard’s vision. You’ll have hours of fun searching for over 100 hidden objects and animals!

24 Songs to Learn and Play

The benefits of music are monumental! Ukuleles are the perfect first instrument for kids to learn to play, and this book will show them why and how. Filled with basic instructions for holding positions, tuning, basic chords, and more, children will then learn and practice 24 songs, games, and activities.

Mario and the Aliens

This charmingly illustrated children’s picture book is all about the importance of having fun with “real toys” like bikes, balls, and dolls-instead of computers and electronics. Written for kids aged 5-7, Mario and the Aliens tells the sweet story of a little boy who makes friends with space visitors.

The Myth-Busting Guide to Prehistoric Beasts

In this fun and fascinating book, you’ll find out how the real dinosaurs lived their lives, what they looked like, how they sounded, and how we know all that!