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Born in Wales, David Western now resides in British
Columbia. He has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to
carving decorative spoons and bringing the centuries-old tradition of lovespoon carving to the masses through in-person classes, magazine articles, books, and online educational resources. A regular contributor to Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine and Woodcarving magazine (the latter being a publication of GMC, Europe’s leading woodworking publisher), Dave has authored two prior Fox Chapel books on the subject of spoons—Fine Art of Carving Lovespoons and History of Lovespoons. He also hand‑carves stunning commissioned pieces through his website, www.davidwesternlovespoons.com.

Best Sellers

Fine Art of carving Lovespoons

With 3 step-by-step projects and 15 original patterns, this book will help you to enjoy this wonderful craft no matter what your carving skill level.

Pyrography Workshop with Sue Walters DVD

Great Book of Spoon Carving Patterns

Over 60 Designs for Romantic Lovespoons, Wedding Spoons, Courting Spoons, and More! Great Book of Spoon Carving Patterns is perfect for carvers of any skill level to learn the traditional art form of carving lovespoons to express their romantic emotions

Pyrography Patterns

History of Lovespoons

Filled with rich, vivid pictures of lovespoons from across Europe and Africa, and accompanied by their historical facts and legends, History of Lovespoons offers a highly engaging way to understand and appreciate this ancient romantic tradition.


 I constantly strive to expand the boundaries of design while creating unique and innovative carvings which respect and honour the tradition of the Welsh lovespoon.  – Dave Western

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