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Industry leader and woodworking expert Ralph Bagnall has been working with CNC machines since the mid-1990s and he has just released his first book, Beginner’s Guide to CNC Machining!

He has spent several years selling CNCs and other woodworking equipment, as well as installing machinery and training operators. Founder of Consulting Woodworker, a company specializing in physical plant consulting, video production, and marketing services for the woodworking industry, Ralph also hosts an Amazon Prime TV Show, Woodcademy, where he teaches tips, tricks, and techniques that woodworkers of all skill levels can apply in their shops.

His written work has been published in national magazines, including Woodworker’s Journal, Woodcraft, and Woodshop News. He is also a frequent speaker at prominent woodworking venues, such as the International Woodworking Fair, National Wood Flooring Association Show, and The International Surfaces Exhibition. To learn more about Ralph, visit www.Woodcademy.com or www.ConsultingWoodworker.com.

Beginner’s Guide to CNC Machining in Wood

Understanding the Machines, Tools, and Software, Plus Projects to Make

An accessible, beginner-friendly resource to understand general CNC (Computer Numerical Control) principles and techniques for anyone interested in CNC woodworking and the future of these technologies. From the fundamentals of CNC to its machinery, software, tools, materials, and 2-1/2 D carving, this complete guide will teach you everything you need to know about your CNC router in a way that’s clear, approachable, and easy to comprehend.

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