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Michele Y. Parsons is an artist, instructor, and author that derives her inspiration from living in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina. She has been immersed in art and nature her entire life, spending her childhood drawing, wandering in the woods, and exploring nature. Finding a way to combine these interests resulted in her gravitating toward creating art in
wood—woodcarving and pyrography.

Since starting her business Parsons Wood Artistry in 2010, Michele has created and sold artwork for
commissions and through galleries. She has also created an online store called The Pyrography Store
where she offers discounted equipment and accessories and helps pyrography students learn the craft. Michele has been teaching pyrography classes since 2006 and has taught well over a thousand students across the US.

Michele has been an author for Fox Chapel Publishing since 2012, writing numerous articles in Pyrography Magazine and contributing to Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine, Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Magazine, and The Big Book of Pyrography Projects. Michele’s book, Leather Pyrography, was published by Fox Chapel Publishing in 2019. Michele is also releasing a new book, Quick-Start Woodburning Guide, in summer 2020.

Best Sellers

Pyrography Magazine Volume 6 2018

Pyrography Magazine Volume 6 2018

Burning “Mona Lynxa” – Using shading, not outlines, to create the
sly smile and sleek fur of this wild cat

Woodburning Realistic Animals

Leather Pyrography

A Beginner’s Guide to Burning Decorative Designs on Leather

Pyrography Magazine Volume 3 2013

Pyrography Magazine Volume 3 2013

Burning a Dark Background – Emphasize the highlights in a burning by creating a contrasting background

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