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Helmut Tschiderer is a sculptor that dabbles in multiple mediums including wood, bronze, and stone. Known for his massive chainsaw carvings around Switzerland, Helmut has been carving for over 25 years and has released his first book in the United States, Chainsaw Carving for Beginners! 

Helmut grew up in Tyrol, Austria, and now lives in the nearby canton of Grisons, Switzerland, near the tri-border region between Austria, Italy, and Switzerland.

While finishing occupational training for cooking, he pursued his passion for carving and sculpting in his spare time. After several years of gaining experience on his own, Helmut decided to put his wood artistry on solid footing; he enrolled in formal training as a sculptor. During his apprenticeship, he discovered an enthusiasm for chainsaw carving.

Upon graduation he became a workshop instructor, allowing him to share his knowledge of the chainsaw and to gain further experience with the versatile tool. Helmut’s work has been exhibited across Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and London.

Now, after several years of instructing, he wants to pass on a few of the things he has learned in his book, Chainsaw Carving for Beginners. Helmut shares practical tips and describes typical mistakes to ensure that chainsaw carving is fun and that, with a little effort, you can achieve a respectable result.  

Chainsaw Carving for Beginners

Weekend Whittling Projects

Patterns and 250 Step-by-Step Photos

Your complete guide to chainsaw carving!

  • Beginner-friendly and approachable guidance to learning the craft of chainsaw woodcarving
  • 4 step-by-step projects with coordinating photography and detailed guidance throughout
  • Top, side, front, and back views for each project to guide you through transforming a log into a one-of-a-kind work of art
  • Insightful information on chainsaw care, maintenance, safety, and other essential tips and techniques
  • Expand your carving skills with projects for an old shoe, a rabbit, a woman, and a mountain goat that use multiple techniques

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