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New Comprehensive Guide to Creating Wooden Jewelry 

September 2019

September 2019



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A self-taught jewelry artist who studied Fine Art textiles at Goldsmiths’ College, at the University of London, Sarah King has gone on to win numerous awards in jewelry design. Now, she is releasing her first book Creating Wooden Jewelry with Fox Chapel Publishing set for release this December 2019.

Her goal with this book is to give artists—whether they be wood artists, jewelry makers, or fashion design students—a new approach to wood while broadening their ideas on the possibilities of materials. “There is a diversity of work in wood that I thought would challenge people’s preconception of wooden jewelry and would make a lasting and inspiring book,” King says.

“The author makes an appeal for “designermakers,” as she calls her potential readers, to consider using discarded, offcut, and found wood in their creations. A jewelry artist whose work has been sold at Barneys, Liberty London, and elsewhere, King leads readers through her process, her inspirations, and 20 projects—including ebony rings, oak necklaces, and walnut pendants—all meant to help them build skills as they go.  Publishers Weekly

King’s book now becomes the first-ever comprehensive guide to creating wooden jewelry. Here, she guides readers on several woodworking skills including jointing, turning, steaming, polishing, staining, painting, beveling, inlaying, and more. Combining wood with other media, from silver to silicon, King will show artisans how to create twenty beautiful and accessible jewelry projects that take jewelry beyond metal.

“I’m interested in the visual qualities of different materials and the technical possibilities they allow,” King says, “and with imagination and exploration, you too can transform humble woods into striking pieces of jewelry.”

First-of-its-kind, Creating Wooden Jewelery includes the following:

  • Comprehensive guide to creating wooden jewelry, with techniques presented by progressive skill learning
  • 14 step-by-step jewelry projects to create, each fresh and modern, including rings, necklaces, pendants, and pins
  • Information on jointing, turning, steaming, polishing, staining, painting, beveling, inlaying, and more
  • How to shape, connect, and treat wood, as well as the necessary tools and materials for each technique
  • How to combine wood with other media, from silver to silicon, and learn how to ebonize and electroform wood
  • Four special profiles feature talented guests Inni Parnanen, Terhi Tolvanen, Beppe Kessler, and Lina Peterson

About Sarah King

Sarah King is an artist jeweler who works with materials, form and structure to make sculptural, contemporary, yet feminine jewelry. Her work has sold in department stores, design stores, boutiques and galleries, including Barneys, Jeweler’s Work Gallery, Tate Modern shop, Liberty of London, The Conran Shop, Aram Gallery, Ally Capellino, The Cross, and EC One. Her one-off pieces are in public collections in the UK, USA, and Germany. She has won many awards such as the Association of Contemporary Jewelry Prize, and features in numerous books on contemporary jewelry. Sarah is one of only 50 international contemporary jewelers invited to show at the LOOT exhibition at the New York Museum of Arts and Design. Sarah teaches bespoke, specialist jewelry classes in her central London studio.

Creating Wooden Jewelry: 24 Skill-Building Projects and Techniques

By Sarah King

Paperback: 176 pages

Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing

Release: December 10, 2019

ISBN-13: 978-1497100015

US SRP: $19.99