Fox Chapel Publishing Book Proposal Guidelines

Fox Chapel Proposal Book Proposal Guidelines We are always looking for talented designers who have a passion for sharing knowledge, projects, and inspiration with our readers. If you would like to create a book that invites readers to learn your craft, here is some important information about how to become an author with Fox Chapel Publishing (FCP).

Our books are sold in bookstores, craft specialty stores, art supply stores, department stores, and home stores in North America, on Amazon, and around the world. We have a strong marketing and publicity department to promote your book and work to develop social media buzz and visibility at consumer shows. Finally, we aren’t just a group of editors and designers; we are craft enthusiasts, just like you. We understand what it is you hope to accomplish with your book because it’s the same thing we would want to see in a book we would purchase.

FCP Book Topics

We accept submissions on just about any subject that merits how-to content. The best way to determine if we publish in a category is to visit, but some of our more popular topics include: wood carving, woodworking, scroll saw, home and gardening, outdoor and general lifestyle, general crafting, knitting, crochet, fiber arts, sewing, quilting, beading, jewelry making, metalwork, coloring, lettering, painting, pet care, cooking, children’s books, and journaling.

If you have a concept that might be outside of this list, we are always open to hearing what you have to offer.

In general,we look for:

  • Book ideas that focus on step-by-step techniques and/or projects in the subjects listed above.
  • Books that explore a particular skill or technique in depth.
  • Books for beginner up to advanced-intermediate skill levels.
  • Books with projects that are well-designed, well-executed, visually inspiring and of high quality, and most should look to be within the reach of the reader.

Submitting Your Idea

Via E-Mail: Send jpeg file attachments along with the book proposal information detailed below to: If your submission is right for our readers, we will contact you within 60 days of our receipt of your information.

Your proposal should answer the following:

  • How will the book be organized? Include an outline or table of contents for the book, along with a list of techniques.
  • What types of projects will be featured? Include 8–10 images of your work you’d like to include or that are representative of the book’s content.
  • What makes you the best author to write this book? Include links to your website, social media handles, and any information that reflects your reach within the related community.
  • Why does this book need to be published? Is it a hot trend, timeless technique, or something totally new? Share any details that demonstrate the book’s potential for success.
  • Who is your target audience? Tell us about the reader who will by this book, be sure to include the suggested skill level.
  • What’s your writing style? Include a sample project or chapter that will be representative of the book and your writing style including step-by-step photography and/or illustrations.
If we feel it is a book we’d like to pursue, we will contact you to work on further developing a formal proposal.

NOTE: Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot respond to every inquiry and incomplete proposals will not be considered.

Happy Fox

Happy Fox, an imprint of Fox Chapel Publishing, is working to grow our dynamic line of children’s books. These include coloring and activity books, how-to for kids, and imaginative story books. Manuscripts with supporting visuals should be sent to We will review your materials within 60 days and be in touch if interested. If you do not receive a response within that time, your book isn’t the right fit for our list.

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