Fun With Crochet Stitches: Identifying the Parts of A Stitch

by | Jun 4, 2024 | Amigurumi, Crochet, Needle Arts | 0 comments

Are you in the beginning stages of learning how to crochet? Don’t worry, you didn’t forget how to count, and no your math is not wrong (probably)! We’ll let you in on a little secret, the key to a perfectly executed crochet project is understanding the parts and functions of each stitch. In this easy guide for beginners, you’ll learn how to identify each part of a crochet stitch for a deeper understanding of each component. Then, you can begin to enhance your skills to work with more beautifully intricate and complex patterns. (That means no more amigurumi potatoes! Unless you’re into those, we think they’re cool, and you should probably still keep reading…)

We know, there are SO MANY terms and types of stitches but in this blog, we’ll be focusing on the foundational stitches: Single & Double Crochet.  

Single Crochet

When following a pattern the instructions might specify whether you should hook into the front or back loop, pin this photo for future reference! Looking for more guidance and easy-to-follow tutorials? Check out Learn to Crochet for tips and techniques from a lifelong crocheter!

PRO TIP: When working back and forth, the front or back loop will always refer to the loop of the last stitch.

WHY? This is because it is easier to identify the front and back loops as you are always facing them in the same direction. However, as you turn your project at various angles when working back and forth it becomes more difficult to identify which loop is the front and which one is the back. Find more helpful tips HERE!

Double Crochet

Except for the addition of a couple more parts, the anatomy of a double crochet stitch is pretty similar to a single stitch. One of the key differences between the two stitches is the “post of stitch.”

 PRO TIP: The “post of a stitch” can be reworked to create a variety of intricate stitches.

Now that you’ve mastered the components that make a perfect crochet row, broaden your skillset and try your hand at these titles!

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